Windows 10, learning from the numerous mistakes made in the previous version, had introduced a number of features. Now, Windows 10 is one of the most stable Operating Systems you can find in the market. But it still lacks an effective media player. You cannot count on the default video player if you want to play some 4K or HD content.

Here, we’re talking about not only the performance handling but also the availability of features. This is why almost everyone has to look for third-party media players in the market. And, the second problem begins there. It has become very difficult to find a 4K video player that offers the perfect blend of power and features. So, we were no less than excited to learn about 5KPlayer and get our hands on it.

In this short review, we would cover the different aspects of 5KPlayer and why it could be your best shot if you’re looking for the best video player for Windows or Mac.

About 5KPlayer

From the outside, 5KPlayer is the typical media player you have seen in Windows and macOS devices. It has been, however, optimized to handle both HD and 4K videos with ultimate. This does not mean you need to have a high-end computer. Even when you have a decent-enough computer, 5KPlayer would do an amazing job in using hardware acceleration and other algorithmic changes to provide the best performance.

What makes 5KPlayer the best media player in town is the versatility, though. There are so many things you can do using this powerful. We hope you are done with the basics, and now we will check out other things.

Play Everything

We told you that this free 4K video player can handle both HD and 4K content with ease. Video files are not the only thing in the question, though. Let’s have a look at what 5KPlayer can handle.

  • High-Quality, Hardware-Accelerated Video and Audio Playback

Apart from supporting both HD and 4K content in general, 5KPlayer offers support for so many codecs. MP4, H.265/264, VP8/VP9, MTS, MKV, and VR 360 Degree are some of the video types 5KPlayer can handle. When it comes to audio, it can detect options like Dolby Atmos and enhance the playback quality. And, in case of both audio and video, 5KPlayer would be hardware-accelerated via NVIDA CUDA, Intel QSV etc.

  • AirPlay and DLNA Stream

5KPlayer comes with native support for both DLNA and AirPlay streaming. This means you can stream video content from a DLNA or AirPlay-compatible device to 5KPlayer. And, whatever streamed will be played full screen on your computer. This is great if you want to stream your Amazon Prime video or something else from your iPhone to a bigger screen. When connected, you can record AirPlay/DLNA video as well.

  • Download Videos

When you’re done with the existing movie library, 5KPlayer would also let you download videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. All you have to do is to enter the URL of the video. In case you want, 5KPlayer can also help you in converting the video into an MP3 file or, even better, a ringtone for your device. And, it works like a charm.

In case we forgot to tell you, 5KPlayer offers these features on top of everything you would normally expect from a typical media player for macOS or Windows.

Media Library Management

When you are addicted to media consumption, it pays to have a wonderful media library. With this HD video player, you can make that possible. You can not only add content according to categories but also organize them for easy access. At the end of the day, you will have to dedicate less efforts for handling what you have in store. It should also be noted that 5KPlayer offers full support for radio stations. Click the “Live” icon on the main UI, you will be able to listen to a variety of radio stations across the world.

About the UI

One of the best things about 5KPlayer is that it comes with an intuitive User Interface. You don’t need any kind of guidelines to get started with the player. Even accessing the advanced features like DLNA or AirPlay streaming is an easy task for most people. At the end of the day, the UI adds so much value to 5KPlayer as a package.

The Bottom Line

In light of everything that 5KPlayer has to offer in the departments, 5KPlayer is definitely the best free video player you can get your hands on. It’s surely an alternative to the default players in macOS, but you get some advanced options like AirPlay streaming as well.