Like any blogger, site owner or other WordPress user there are some SEO questions that keep burning in the back of your head. It can be hard to get it right especially when things are always changing. Sometimes you need some help with non-technical WordPress maintenance service steps to follow. Here are some of the questions you have and the answers that you need.

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All I really need is a WordPress SEO plugin?

It is not an easy quick fix, just install the plugin and leave it to work. SEO is a continuous process and something you need to work at. Configuring your SEO plugin correctly is the first step, then you need to make it work for your own website. When you install a new plugin or theme, it will alter your website’s code which means it might change your SEO and your rankings.

Do free WordPress themes affect SEO?

Most free themes give no problems for your SEO and are a great choice for your website. But there are some things that you need to check before using a free theme. Look at the reviews and see if the developers have a good reputation. Check that it follows standards and best practice and is mobile friendly too. See if it meets Google’s guidelines by running a quick quality check on the demo site before you change the theme for good.

Is it good for SEO to add a post to many WordPress Categories?

This depends on your WordPress theme however the main point is to avoid duplicate content if you can. If you are sharing the same post on different categories, as long as it has the same URL you shouldn’t have any problems. If it appears on more than one URL, then you must let Google know by which version of the page is the original which is to be indexed. If you have someone looking at your SEO strategy, then they should check this is working for you.

Do WordPress widgets affect SEO?

Widgets are the same content displayed, usually in sidebars or footers on each page. They don’t really add or take away from your SEO. But there are some things that widgets can do to help your website views, such as widgets that encourage engagement, like photo sharing. The main thing is to remember to remove too much clutter and stick to the subject matter of your website.

Does the main language make a difference to SEO?

Using the native language of your visitors affects your user experience and improves your SEO. You shouldn’t mix languages on your website, so you should stick to your main one. You should also make sure all of your plugins are translatable into the language of your choice. This will keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

Have we answered your WordPress SEO questions?

When you start using WordPress you may think it is easy to get your website noticed. Then you find out about SEO and that you need to work hard to keep your website ranking where you want it. Using WordPress is a learning curve and by asking the right questions you can improve your website ranking using SEO in the right way.