Meeting women is easier now than it has ever been thanks to the wonders of technology. If you have a Smart device and Wi-Fi, then you’ve got everything you need to vastly improve your love life.

Let’s take a look at the top five ways to meet women online in 2020:

1.  Instagram

With more than one billion users worldwide and hundreds of millions using Instagram Stories every day, there are plenty of single women to be found. And they do want to be found. 

Many single women use their Instagram account to “advertise” themselves when they’re no trying to find new followers. Not only do they put up pictures of themselves looking cute, but it’s a way to show interests and passions that might resonate with someone special. 

Instagram also allows you to express your interest by liking and commenting on posts. If she responds well, you can then slide into her DMs.

2. Online Dating Apps

Online dating is one of the best ways to meet single women. It’s so commonplace today that you’d be hard-pressed to not know at least one couple who met online. In fact, nearly 40% of couples in the U.S. met because of an online dating app. Those are pretty good odds, right?

The key to finding someone great is choosing the right app for you. Start by deciding what it is you’re actually looking for: a relationship or something casual? If you want a girlfriend, you’ll find lots of dating apps that cater to almost every preference. If you’re looking for something casual, there’s a wealth of hookup apps out there that can help you find like-minded ladies.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to hit up Google for some info. Search for some dating app reviews on high authority sites like this One Night Friend review from to get you started. Good reviews like this should either recount first-person experiences or offer a detailed list offering an overview of each app as well as the pros and cons.

Once you’ve chosen an app, it’s time to set up a profile, upload some good pictures and start messaging women who’ve caught your eye. 

Just remember, if you want to be really successful, you need to make yourself stand out from all of the other guys on there. That means coming up with a really original introduction instead of the “hi,” or “hey, beautiful” type of comments most guys send. Do some recon on her profile and engage her with something she’s actually interested in. Then you’ll be well on your way to making a great connection.

3. Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to meet women. Whether you’re friends with them or not, you can interact with lots of single women when done the right way, there are even some tricks worth noting

Before you do anything, you need to make sure your profile is in order. That means getting rid of pictures or posts that might make a bad impression. Candid shots in compromising positions or posts that can be offensive shouldn’t take center stage. Instead, replace those with photos that show your personality: your hobbies, travel, your pets and anything else you’re proud of.

You’ll also want to fill in your bio with relevant information. That way, when you do contact a woman, she can check up to see who you are. She’ll definitely want to see that you’re single and employed. If you fill in the “about” section, you can also give her a good glimpse of your personality which can be a deciding factor in if she’ll respond to you.

If you’re already Facebook friends with the woman you like but aren’t well acquainted, start by liking a few of her posts or pictures. This will get you some name recognition so you don’t seem like some random weirdo when you message her.

When you do send a message, making it about a link or an image she has already posted will get your foot in the door. Once you get chatting, you’ll be able to work on building the attraction between you.

If you’re not already Facebook friends, you’ll have to work a lot harder to get the woman you like to notice you.

Start by checking out her profile. If her settings allow it, check to see if she’s a member of any groups. If she is, request membership and become active in the group — it’s a great way to get noticed. If you can, interact with her in the group, then send her a friend request before following it up with a polite message. 

If that isn’t enough, according to Wired Magazine Facebook is launching its own dating service

4. Chat Rooms

If you’re not feeling the dating app thing, chat rooms may be more your speed. There are a lot of chat sites that allow you to interact with women for free.

No matter what your goal, you can likely find what you’re looking for, be it someone to chat with, hook up with or start a relationship with. You can chat, send private messages and share photos in the chat room before you exchange contact information.

Keep in mind that lots of chat rooms don’t verify their users. So there’s always some risk whenever you use this method to meet women.

5. Meetups

If you want a high-tech way to meet women that offers you the best of both worlds, could be just what the doctor ordered. Meetup is a platform that enables you to meet new people by joining groups right in your city. Once you sign up, you’ll see a list of great Meetups happening near you and a calendar that can be used to search for events on a particular day.

Get started by clicking on “Find a Meetup Group.” This will enable you to browse all of the groups within 50 miles of your location. You can search by keyword or simply check out all of the groups in the “singles” category. There really is something for just about everyone no matter what your hobby or interest.

Keep in mind, the site was not created specifically for online dating. So not every woman you meet will be single or interested. Still, there’s no better way to meet a like-minded lady than with Meetups.

Now that your mind is filled with new ideas on how to meet women, it’s time to get out there. Give our suggestions a try. You might be surprised at how useful technology can be for improving your love life!