PC operates a lot like a car. The longer you use it, the more regularly it needs to be taken care of. For instance, with continued use, your computer may get cluttered with unused system files, temporary files, and unnecessary programs, to mention a few. These unneeded files and applications can fill up your drive, which, eventually, may make your system run out of space and even affect its performance. 

You also don’t want to run into problems like Blue Screens, errors, crashes, system glitches, programs freezing, or exposing your system to external threats. To sustain an optimal level of efficiency and stability, your computer needs to be maintained regularly. That’s why you need to perform basic optimization tasks.

If you are wondering how to do that in a safe and quick way, the answer is simple. Use special software that can take care of the maintenance tasks. One of the potential solutions can be Outbyte PC Repair. Not only does this software save you time by automating the optimization process, but it also eliminates the possibility of human error, which in some cases can cause further harm to your PC.

So, if you don’t have the time to perform regular maintenance, or you lack the advanced computer skills to tweak your computer’s settings manually, Outbyte PC Repair will make the process easier for you. Most importantly, if you run into any technical difficulties, you can always contact the customer support team via live chat for guided assistance.

How Outbyte PC Repair Helps to Optimize Your System

Here are five different ways Outbyte PC Repair can be used for your system maintenance and optimization:

1. System Scanning

When you first install and run Outbyte PC Repair, it automatically initiates a system scan. 

The scan checks for:

  • Performance issues – these can include the system settings that might affect your PC’s performance.
  • Unneeded files in your drive – you will be able to see the files that are taking up disk space, such as web cache, temporary files, etc.
  • Security vulnerabilities – the Outbyte app checks for security holes in your system that may be exploited by malware and recommends specific system tweaks to secure your computer from those.
  • Duplicate and weak passwords – PC Repair checks for weak and duplicate passwords stored in your browser that could be at risk of being stolen or exploited by other parties.
  • PUA and security – if there are any unwanted applications on your PC, Outbyte PC Repair will warn you about these.

Once Outbyte PC Repair is finished scanning your system, it displays the summary of the scan for you to view and fix the detected issues. If you want you can get more info related to a particular item by clicking on “Details” next to it. 

2. Freeing Up Disk Space

One way of cleaning up the drive with Outbyte PC Repair is by removing unneeded files that can be found in the “Disk Space” section within the scan results. Once you click on the Repair button, the Outbyte software will rid your system of these.

You also may have some programs on your computer that you might have installed and forgot about. These apps take up valuable disk space, and it is in your best interest to get rid of them.

With Outbyte PC Repair’s Uninstaller feature, you can quickly delete these unneeded programs. What’s more, not only does this tool help you remove any application but it can also delete leftover files that may remain after uninstalling certain programs.

3. Boosting System Performance

Outbyte PC Repair helps optimize computer performance by changing how CPU resources are allocated. This way, more resources can be directed to prioritized programs so that you can enjoy a boost in their performance. 

More specifically, the Speed Power Tool offers a real-time boost to:

  • Web browsers, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox: This way, you can browse the Web faster and enjoy improved download and upload speed.
  • Work apps –  if you frequently use work apps like Microsoft Office, Skype, or Outlook, enabling this feature will boost the apps’ performance, in turn improving your productivity.
  • Games –  when you toggle on the ‘Boost games’ switch, your game’s CPU priority is increased. This means that more resources will be dedicated to the current game that you are playing, allowing for smoother gameplay.

4. Securing Privacy

Your online privacy matters a lot, and in this age of advanced technology, where a lot of sensitive details are shared online, you want a tool that protects your privacy by safeguarding your personal data.

Outbyte PC Repair comes with a “Real-time privacy protection” feature, which can be found under the “Privacy Power Tool”. Apart from protecting your information by cleaning up your browser history and removing tracking cookies, PC Repair allows you to permanently erase your files using File Shredder. You will also find options to:

  • Enable detection of popup subscriptions and turn them off
  • Enable safe web search –  Outbyte PC Repair will check the safety of websites you visit and warn you whenever it detects malicious or unsafe sites.

5. Extending the Battery Life

Outbyte PC Repair also comes with the Battery Power Tool that is designed to disable apps and services that consume a lot of battery power while enabling energy-saving mode. The feature is useful for laptop owners who want to extend the time they can work on their laptops.

When running on battery power, you can choose to pause power-hungry apps, disable Windows Aero mode, and/or enable energy-saving mode to be able to spend more time using your device.

Conclusion: Outbyte PC Repair is well-equipped for system optimization

 Failing to regularly maintain your system may slow your PC down, cause programs to freeze and lag, or even trigger various system errors. To prevent this, you may want to set an automated maintenance schedule using a PC optimization software like Outbyte PC Repair. 

The Outbyte tool has enough features to efficiently take care of all the necessary optimization tasks. The program can help you automate your PC’s routine maintenance, ensuring optimal performance in the long run.