Pre-owned devices hold value, therefore, a great option is to resale it!

Thinking of upgrading your laptop, but you don’t want to spend the total amount of the price for the new one? You can sell your used MacBook Air for top value to pay part of the funds. Pre-owned devices hold its value, if they are fully functional and even more, if they have a minor signs of wear. You can expect great deals for your used MacBook Air. Below, you’ll find tips on how you can prepare your device for resale, and five top places where you can get top value.

Before giving your MacBook Air for resale

Know Your Device

It’s crucial to know your hardware in order to calculate its value. To be in the safest zone, we give you some tips to find the model number along with its specs. 

  1. Go to the Apple Menu “About this Mac” 
  2. You’ll see a window pop-up with an overview of your MacBook Air information, including your serial number information.
  3. You can copy this model number and paste it into the Apple Check Coverage Page, click “continue” to see your MacBook Air model number and other details like storage, RAM and processor. 


Prepare It

With that said, it’s time to prepare your used MacBook Air for selling. You’ll need to back up your data using “Time Machine” or clone your MacBook Air hard drive. After saving your personal information, sign-out from all your accounts like iCloud, iTunes, iMusic and iMessage. After this, you can restore into factory settings the device. Finally, clean the surface of the MacBook Air from dirt or dust using a soft lint-free cloth.

Which Are The Options To Sell A Preowned MacBook Air?

There are several options and each of them have its own pros and cons. Overall, online services that purchase used devices ask you questions about the device condition to give you an estimation. Then, once shipped the device, this is inspected to confirm the information provided by you matches with the current device condition. After this, they do your payment whether in cash, gift card or credit.

  • Online services: You can sell MacBook Air for value online using legit resellers to avoid hassle of listing, searching price that other sites ask you to do, and get paid cash.
  • Trade-in services: are offered by big manufacturers and retailers for certain types of devices, and you receive credit in a gift card as payment method. You have the option to trade-in online or in-store.
  • Sell it yourself: The easiest is to sell directly to a friend, or you can use online third party sites, that help you to get more clients. However, you’ll need to work on logistics such as listing, pricing, shipping, and other things. Here, you set the price for your device and you are charged a fee for using the platform, which is deducted from the total amount of the sale. 


Best Places to sell MacBook Air for value

As mentioned above, you have options to sell MacBook Air for value whether online or in-store, with different payment types such as cash, gift cards or credit for new purchases. Below, we listed some best places for selling used gadgets.

Trusted Reseller: Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is an online solution to sell pre-owned gadgets for cash. You can sell MacBook Air and other gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and more on their website. The company offers higher quotes for your preowned devices and guarantees fast payment within two working days from the reception of your goods. 

Selling your used MacBook Air with them is easy and secure. They have three steps for the purchasing-selling process. First, visit their site and find the right model of the device you want to sell, and answer a few questions about its condition. Second, the system gives an estimation based on the information entered by you, in which you are free to accept or reject the offer. If you agree with the purchase offer, finish the checkout form to receive a prepaid USPS shipping label. Third, once the reception of your goods, they will inspect the device matches with the information you entered before getting a quote. Then, they do your cash payment via PayPal, Venmo, Check or Bank Transfer. In addition, they provide you a tracking number once you complete the checkout process.

We find some best deals for selling a MacBook Air at Gadget Salvation:

  • For a fully functional used MacBook Air 13-inch 2020 with 1.2GHz Core i7 256GB in flawless condition you will receive $784.
  • A fully functional pre owned MacBook Air 13-inch 2019 with 1.6GHz Core i5 512GB in flawless condition you will get $541.
  • A fully functional used MacBook Air 13-inch late 2018 with 1.6 GHz Core i5 512GB in flawless condition you will get $504.

Gift Card as payment: Best Buy

Best Buy accepts to purchase used gadgets like laptops, e-readers for example, in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. This option is ideal, if you plan to purchase Best Buy products. You have the option to trade-in online or in-store your devices, however, due to Covid-19, we suggest to use the online trade-in service.

Search your device on its website and answer some questions about its condition to get a quote. If you accept the offer that lasts 14 days, Best Buy gives you a free label to send your items. The company will evaluate the device condition matches with what you entered before the initial offer. If all is correct, you get a gift card via email within nine days from the reception of the items. If you missed the limited time of the offer of 14 days, Best Buy will revise your quote. The downside is that if you don’t agree with the updated quote, you’ll have to pay the return of your items. 

Best for credit towards a new purchase: Apple Trade-in

Apple buyback program offers to purchase certain types of used devices and offers you a credit towards a new purchase with them. If you are looking for extra cash, it is not the right option. However, if you are a fan of Apple products, the trade-in program is for you. The process is the same as Best Buy online trade in program. Also, Apple sends you a package kit for free to send your goods. After evaluation, Apple sends your e-gift card with credit via email after two weeks from the reception of your items. You can use this credit for online or in-store purchases. Furthermore, Apple pays good for devices in pristine condition, if your device has signs of wear expect less value.

The safest place to sell it yourself: eBay

If you decide to sell it on your own, eBay is the safest solution for you as a seller and for buyers. Selling your MacBook Air by yourself can give you the most profits, however, it requires you to do some work. For instance, creating an account, listing and describing the device, taking pictures, and -of course- arranging one to one meetings. However, if you have the time to DIY all the process, go for eBay. You can sell anything through its platform, but expect paying fees. The downside is that eBay charges you a fee of 10% from the total amount of your sale, and this doesn’t include the shipping fees which are at your expense. 

Good to connect with potential buyers: Craigslist

This platform has classified ads devices in subcategories. For instance, you’ll see “Sales” and a subcategory of “computers”. You can have access to ads without an account, but you can easily sign-in with an email address. This service is good to sell your MacBook Air by yourself which can give you the most profits, however, you are exposed to scammers. All transactions are made between the seller and buyer; Craigslist does not interfere on transactions. Moreover, Craigslist protects your email address and gives you advice to meet with potential buyers in public locations or even police stations.