Vape is a new culture, trend and lifestyle that is unrolling in pop culture at great proportions. What does it mean for vape marketers and business owners? If you are a vape business owner, you might be asking this question to yourself besides finding the culture overwhelmingly popular as opposed to its market.

The vape market is like an unexplored forest that has had just a few footmarks to depth. However, the numbers of vape and e-cigarette users today are more than ever. So, assuming you are a vape business owner, you might be looking for ways to expand your business online besides your practical store or maybe reinforce overall sales. Whatever the aim is, this article is designed to help you establish a heavy online presence and dominate the vape market once and for all.


The road of online vape marketing is wide and open except for one huge bump! A bump set by Google in their online advertising policy. Google clearly states that “products designed to simulate tobacco smoking,” is beyond their advertising category, meaning that a vape business owner is excluded from the use of Google Ad Words in their online marketing strategies. However sad it might sound, it is equally true for all vape business owners and marketers. This means that a vape marketer has to maximize other marketing strategies in order to succeed in this pacing market.

Following are five ways you can manage you vape shop online and lead it towards success.

SEO is the key

Because Google advertising policy keeps away vape businesses from advertising, the next best thing and to be practical, the only next alternative through Google is SEO -Site Engine Optimization is not a choice; it is mandatory for vape marketers. Google data showed about 8.5 million vape or vape related searches in 2014, that too in America alone. Hence, we can see how important SEO has become in the online vape industry. The number of searches was expected to see a rise by 62% by 2015, and today in 2016 it is more. Therefore, optimizing your site to be at the top 10 search list will make your business one of the big fishes in the sea.

Email Marketing

However unimportant this might sound, in the vapingspace, email marketing is of great help. We have to consider the crowd that uses vapes or e-cigarettes: most vape users are under the age of 35, with a Smartphone and actively connected to the internet. This means that your vape store has a highway to their phone with offers, news, updates, coupons and deals.

Through email marketing, your vape business can reach almost all active devices in the hands of your customers, reminding them of your brand every now and then.

Online Product Videos

May it be in social media like Facebook and Twitter or in YouTube; video reviews and demonstrations only increase your potential customer traffic and the overall appeal of the product. On the same note, we should address the fact that vapes and e-cigarettes have numerous (and I do mean numerous!) variations with customizable parts and mods. This brings us to a massive number of possible product reviews that can be done using online videos. Remember that customers like nothing more than a video review next to a real store check-out. Hence, online videos will definitely increase your traffic and retain your customers through viewership. Therefore, if you don’t have a YouTube channel or maybe you have an inactive one, today is the day you fully start that engine.

Full Social Media Presence

No business today can do without social media, and for an online vape business, it is truer given Google won’t allow vape advertising. So, we come back to the same point of customer retention. The best way to build a relationship with your customers online is by social media. It is time you have a robust social media campaign that will keep your customers coming back to you, not alone but with other potential customers. A great vape page online spreads word of mouth and it becomes the no.1 spot for vape lovers to check out new products, prices and deals. Hence, make the most use of this free promotion for the most paying results.

Take Advantage of Blog & Review Forums

It’s figured that vaping is a lifestyle and a culture but more than that it’s an element of expression. Vape users don’t just use vape as an alternative to cigarette smoking only. Moreover, passionate vapers use vapes to its most detailed customization for their need of expression. Therefore, they seek a space where they can showcase their vape and connect with other vapers around in a community.

A dedicated blog besides the main website can maximize your customer engagement and create maximum customer retention. Consider having a blog to promote your products along with vape news, trivia and tips – this can generate great traffic. Also, there is a number of reputed forums and review sites for vape products such as IEC . Get your products reviewed in these forums to get more visibility and brand recognition.

Finally, we can say that the online vape space for marketing is limited, given certain rules and laws, but for the better part, it requires a more crafted approach. Hence, for vape retailers who are dedicated to its marketing have the opportunity to achieve much more than their competitors. The five ways discussed above is bound to help your vape business and create a brand identity for your very own shop that in turn will boom the business with promised sustainability.