When it comes to your business model, would you call it a success?

For many business owners, while they may think all is well in their world, their businesses are actually teetering on disaster. Whether it is financial troubles, poor marketing and/or advertising efforts, a lack of focus, trouble can be brewing.

With the New Year just around the corner, it is important for business owners to reassess where they are at. As they head into 2017, it is important to make sure their companies are on track.

If you’re one of those business owners looking to reassess things, are you ready to review everything from A to Z?

Improvement Should Always Be a Priority

Even if you feel your business is as on track as it can be, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for improvements here and there.

With that in mind, here are five ways to improve your business model and communicate to the world why your business is a success:


  1. Time management – Above all else, how well do you do with time management? If you’re not managing time correctly, your clients will feel the impact. The same is true if the roles are reversed. In order to improve time management for all involved, make sure you put technology to work. Whether you use salon software or another such product out there, be up to speed on technology. Such software allows you to coordinate your daily schedule, send reminders to clients about pending appointments, and even oversee all financial transactions. Before you know it, your business becomes much more organized;
  2. Spread the word – You may or may not have a solid marketing and/or advertising program in place. If it is the latter, there are ways to fix this. Once again, the right software can help you streamline your brand promotion efforts. So that clients (current and potential) know all there is to know about your business, spread the word. Use software to send out targeted marketing and advertising messages, increasing your odds of successful sales.

Socialize Your Business Initiatives


  1. Socialize your initiatives – When it comes to social media, you should already be championing this mode of outreach. Unless you pay someone to do your social media etc. social networking is essentially free. If you do not already have accounts on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc., change that moving forward. While you do not need to be a social media junkie, you do need to use it effectively to socialize your brand’s message;
  2. Outstanding customer service – One of the important facets of a successful business model that oftentimes gets lost in the shuffle is customer service. You can’t afford to have just ordinary customer service. When you raise the bar and keep it there, both you and the customer benefit. Customers want to see that you will go out of your way to serve them. Little things like thank you messages, specials and discounts etc. can go a long way in building a business-customer bond that will last for years to come;
  3. Let your employees know you appreciate them – Finally, do your employees know how much you appreciate their time and effort? Yes, if it were not for you, your employees may very well be scrambling to find work. That said some companies do not do a good job when it comes to demonstrating employee appreciation. In turn, some employees may be inclined to give less than a 100 percent effort on a daily basis. From occasional increases in salary (when and where warranted) to office activities etc. there are many ways to show workers you appreciate them.

Communicate Your Needs


Given how much time and effort you put into running a successful business, you should always look for ways to improve your model. Above all else, communicate your needs both in and outside of your business.

Just as communication within companies is essential to success, businesses must also effectively communicate with those they look to sell to.

In turn, your business model will only grow better for all those involved.