The words digital technology and fashion were rarely used together in the same sentence, and if they were, the word geek often joined them. Now though, as the mainstream have embraced technology into their daily lives, the two are synonymous. How times change! Consumers want the latest and most up-to-date fashions, just as they do technology, and so this unification is not a surprise. Here are 5 ways that the fashion world and the technological one has fused together into a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Fashion Blogs

The number of fashion blogs that populate the internet has surged in recent years. Successful fashion bloggers have become an authority on the best places to get bargains and the most recent must-have trends, and they, of course, would not be able to do without the technology to help them reach the right audience. They use smartphones, apps and their websites to ensure that they can update their sites on the go.

QR Codes

When you are browsing a magazine, and see that item of clothing that you know will make your life feel complete, you can now be directed straight to the company’s website via the QR code that is displayed on the pages. Not only can you source the garment, but you can be given options further styling and details of recommended products to complement it. Never again will you have to spend time on a search engine quest to find that pair of to-die-for heels.

Technology to Wear

Believe it or not, the technology you have and wear is part of your fashion statement. Buy the latest smartphone and put it in a fashionable case; ensure your headphones match the color scheme of your wardrobe. Even your choice between Apple and Android can determine your style. The same also applies to the tech you wear on your wrist, as there’s more demand for greater functionality with watches that are also sophisticated. However, watchmakers have to appeal to two markets – the purists who adore their classic timepieces, and the younger generation preferring modern gimmicks. The latter, though, does not mean you have to substitute one for the other. Therefore, before you make your decision, consider the available options and how they’d affect your current style and how you want to be perceived.

Online Shopping

The store closing time is inconsequential to the discerning online shopper. You can purchase clothes from the comfort of your own home, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The main shopping street of your local city is now a secondary place to pick up your new outfit. Unlike local stores, the benefit to the consumer is that online stores are rarely out of stock, and the options available are limitless: borders, currency and distance are no longer an issue.

Digital Fitting Room

Cutting hairstyles out of magazines and taking them to your stylist to replicate the look is a long-gone tradition. You now have access to apps that can apply different hairstyles to images of your face. You can change your hair color from ashen blonde to brunette to henna red at the click of a button. Salon disasters are the thing of the past. How about trying on that dress that you have had your eye on? You can enter your dimensions into a website, and it will recommend to you the size that you need to benefit your shape.