If you’ve ever had insomnia, you know it’s no joke. Any insomniac is probably going to be jealous of someone who can lie down, and then they’re sleeping peacefully a moment or two after their head hits the pillow. For the insomniac, that’s a pleasant dream they can probably never achieve.

However, there are all kinds of things that you can do to get some sleep assistance if you discover that this issue is impacting your life. You need to get the proper sleep amount every night because if you don’t, you won’t be as alert as you would be otherwise. That might mean you’ll make a work mistake or doze off while driving somewhere.

Let’s check out some of the better ways to use technology to help with your ongoing sleep issues.

You Can Use a Fitness Wearable to Set an Alarm for Yourself

When we mentioned sleep lack causing car crashes, we weren’t kidding. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a highly-regarded entity, said recently that driver drowsiness causes about 21% of crashes. That’s proof positive that not sleeping can prove fatal in some instances.

You might decide to get yourself a fitness wearable like an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. These devices can do all kinds of things. For instance, you can make a phone call using the Apple Watch, or you can check your email or send your friend or family member a text message.

You can also wear it when you go to bed and program an alarm on it that will go off at an appointed time. If you have a tough time waking up in the morning, this could be the solution. You can also place the wearable on the nightstand next to you if you don’t want to wear it while you’re sleeping.

You Can Use Technology to Turn the Lights on for You

You might also set up a smart home hub for your house or apartment. Usually, you purchase the hub, and then you download a smartphone app that goes along with it.

You then go through your house and sync all your smart devices with the phone app. Those might include your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, your front and back door locks, your water leak detectors in the basement, and so forth.

You can often program your smart home’s hub to turn on your bedroom lights at a particular time of the morning. Maybe you have an alarm going off right then too, but that’s not enough to get you out of bed because you’ve been tossing and turning all night.

Turning some bright lights on in addition to using the alarm might be enough to convince you to get out of bed instead of sleeping in and being late for work or class.  

You Can Use a Fitness Wearable to Track Your Sleep Habits

You might also use your fitness wearable, such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch, to keep track of your sleep patterns if you don’t feel like you rest soundly throughout the night. You’ll need to wear it while you sleep if you want to do this.

When you wake up, you can study your sleep habits. The wearable will indicate by your breathing and pulse when you stopped moving around and when you slept.

Once you have this information, you can share it with your doctor if you have gone so far as to meet with a sleep specialist. They might be able to suggest some new habits that can help you once they study that data.

You Could Use a White Noise Machine to Help You Fall Asleep

You might feel like you can’t sleep because there’s not enough noise where you are. Strange as it sounds, some people can’t sleep if it’s too quiet. Maybe you used to live in a larger city, but now you moved to a smaller one or a rural community.

There, you might feel like it’s almost dead quiet at night. There are no honking car horns or vehicles going past on the street outside. There are no neighbors laughing or talking to one another, and there are no distant sirens.

You might utilize a white noise machine to create some sounds, and that may help you sleep easier. Some companies make machines that can do this, but these days, you can also just download a phone app that does essentially the same thing.

Some of them cost money, but many others are free, and they have lots of different noise combinations or soundtracks among which you can choose. You might use one that sounds like waves lapping on a sandy beach. You might opt for rain pounding on a tin roof or frogs and crickets serenading you from a nearby swamp.

You Can Get Yourself a Heated Blanket

You might also shop for a heated blanket that you can use when the weather gets colder. Maybe you live in the Northeast or some other climate that has brutally cold winters.

If so, you might find that you wake during the night curled up in a ball, shivering, no matter how many blankets you stack on top of yourself. You can purchase a heated blanket that can warm you up, so this is no longer an issue.

Make sure you research some of the better ones before you make your selection. If you can find one on Amazon that has many positive reviews and doesn’t cost too much, that would be ideal.

You can even take your heated blanket with you when you travel if you find that it helps you. Anything you can come up with to improve your sleep doesn’t sound like such a bad idea if you’ve ever experienced insomnia’s grip.

Technology can help us in virtually any life aspect, and sleep problems are no exception. Once you implement all of these techniques, it’s not likely that they will continue to trouble you for very long.