When you’re running an online business, one of the most challenging aspects of drumming up customers is the fact that your product isn’t something in the physical. That means you need to rely on originality to win you vieweFrs, and come up with new and exciting techniques to get customers engaged with your products. While once upon a time a traditional retail store may have thrown a product launch or a special VIP event to unveil a new line, when it comes to doing business online, the reality is that you have to think virtually. That’s where VIP events that happen solely on the Internet come in, and they’re more cost effective and innovative than ever. Here are five ways that eCommerce companies in particular can benefit from a VIP event held online.

1. Plan Accordingly and Succeed

When it comes to doing events online, just like any other project, you need to make sure that you’ve properly planned for it. Suitcase Entrepreneur suggests that small businesses set a realistic launch date, taking into account the goal, how many hours of manual labor it will require, and evaluate how much free time you’ll actually have to dedicate to the launch event. You can use Blue Jeans online events to easily enable many features that will save you time and make everything run as smoothly as possible. When you’re doing business online, one of the most important images you can project is one of technological competence. You don’t want to appear disorganized to customers attending an online event if you entire business exists online, so make sure you know what to expect and what your timeline is.

2. People Are Ready

People Are Ready

Online events are no longer a novelty or something people don’t expect. In October of this year, Fox Business reported that 15.2 million unique viewers tuned in for a live webcast of an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. This was something free offered to viewers, and even though they had to get online and make an active effort to tune in, it still happened. This is a good example of why hosting online events is a good investment, because any worries that people will think it’s too out there or modern is unlikely.

3. Invitation to a Pop-up Shop

If you’re afraid of relying solely on an online event to get your product concept across, then combine it with a physical location. There are many eCommerce stores these days that are also expanding to pop-up shops, whether in empty spaces in busy city centers or in the corners of other preexisting stores. Whatever the situation, tacking on the opportunity for customers to attend an online event followed up by the visit to a pop-up store can combine the attractive elements of both the virtual and the physical.

4. Exclusivity is King

Exclusivity is King

Most importantly, if you’re hosting a VIP event, make sure you stress the exclusivity. Online events get flack since they’re open to everyone, but that’s not actually true. When you’re using the technology for webcasting a special event, the fact of the matter is that only the people you invite will have access to the event. Make this a known fact. Broadcast loud and clear that in order to tune into a webcast for an event, only people with pre-designated access can join in. This is what makes a VIP event.

5. The Golden Ticket of Incentives

People need a reason to spend their time attending, watching, or engaging with things, and there’s no better way to attract that attention than with a tangible bonus. If you offer something like a coupon or promo code for people who are included in your online event, they’re much more likely to show up. Giving people an incentive to join your VIP event will result in much more success than just offering a product display or preview to a select group of people. If you’re dealing with high profile clients who may invest heavily in a product at a VIP event, then you need to give them a reason to actually show up, even if it’s online.

Holding events online not only gives VIP clients ample opportunity to attend an event, but also is more cost effective for business owners. Rather than renting out a space or having to hire on extra employees to staff an evening, you can focus all of your energies into making sure your online webcast runs smoothly. This also gives you and your team time to focus in on the creative and aesthetic side of the VIP event, making everything run smoothly and providing valuable content to the people that tune in to see what you have to offer. The point of a VIP event is exclusivity, and making customers feel special and catered to. There’s no better way to do that while also saving money than to host an event online.