One of the prevailing trends in enterprise networks is product lifecycle management (PLM) software to oversee a product from its conception to expiration. Oracle Cloud PLM accelerates innovation and new product introductions by efficiently managing items, parts, products, documents and requirements. Here we will be discussing the five ways in which Cloud PLM is the best solution for high-quality products and organizational profitability.

All in One Spot

Businesses have access to the enterprise data in one place with Oracle Cloud, offering an end to end integrated innovation to a commercialization platform. It ensures organizations go through Idea Management, Requirements, Portfolio Management, Full Project Management, Quality Management, and further towards releasing and monitoring the product through the whole supply chain management on the same application. It captures and validates your new ideas, investment decisions and personnel presence all in one place to help you develop the best product in the shortest stint of time. Such cloud-based PLM software technology will surely make your business accelerate.

Exceptional Business Intelligence

Cloud PLM has world-class business intelligence tools built into the system, allowing you to pull out data from the past about any attribute that could not be seen without Cloud PLM. This allows a business to make calculated decisions about investments or inventory and a lot more with past trends ensuring higher chances of effective decisions. Apart from this, it allows you to view all project’s summaries, helping individuals keep track of their duties and ensure productivity.

Process Automation

Automating numerous processes right within the tool without writing customized code is one of the major benefits of having Cloud PLM. With different solutions already present in the PLM software, integrating other systems is significantly reduced to accommodate the whole product life cycle process. Cloud PLM ensures data validation by setting up business logics, minimizing the chances of potential issues. With procurement to disposal under a single umbrella, everyone involved in the PLM process can collaborate and find ways to be efficient.

Reduced Cost leading to Better Profits

One of the most significant business decisions is the investment that shapes the costing around the product, determining the organization’s profits. All the data on a single platform allows users to analyze past developments and use old and existing products’ parts without spending on designing and manufacturing from scratch, reducing the cost and time to market. Furthermore, with Oracle Cloud PLM, you have the brand new state of the art interface, making it much easier for users to use the system, navigate through the system and easily find the information they are looking for. With cloud PLM, IT overhead goes way down because now businesses don’t require their servers, server rooms or additional resources to manage the on premise applications, allowing you to use that investment somewhere more beneficial.

Future Prospects

In today’s digital era, the accelerated use of Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is becoming a norm. Integrating these modern technologies with PLM offers a competitive edge to businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. It gives businesses flexibility and capabilities to remain proactive, addressing quality and product issues well beforehand.