Buyer persona creation is playing an increasingly important role in sales and marketing. According to a survey of over 600 marketers, buyer personas are the number two factor marketers use to segment their content, second only to product/service category (Business owners who understand the crucial role buyer personas play in sales conversions are much likelier to enjoy increased revenues on an annual basis.  

But creating buyer personas is not a matter of slapping a fictional name on a fictional personality and hoping you will see increased sales automatically. Just as you need to hone your marketing skills to close a sale, so too you need to hone your buyer persona skills if you hope to win the war for happy customers. Integrate the following five tips into your buyer persona strategy and you will be well on your way to a more profitable year.  

1) Well defined buyer personas make it easier for potential customers to discover product information about your business. The more detailed your personas are, the likelier it is customers can find the information they seek. Not every sales prospect wants to endure a sales call with your team. Hone your buyer personas in such a way that you naturally include extensive product information on your website.

2) Adding quotes to your buyer personas is an excellent way to help your team members identify potential customers. Include conversation snippets each buyer might say when discussing their purchasing preferences. The quicker your staff can identify a sales lead with an existing buyer persona, the quicker they can take that lead from prospect to purchaser.

3) Demographic details are not the only factor you should consider when creating buyer personas. Factors like employment background and personality characteristics also play an important role in defining a buyer. Understanding how potential customers might react to your sales and marketing department can help you discuss your company in a way that resonates with specific personality types.  

4) Buyer personas are a work in progress. You don’t create personas at the beginning of a sales outreach initiative and never tweak the personas you have created. As you get to know your customers better, you can adjust your personas accordingly. Assumptions you made at the beginning of a sales cycle might need to be adjusted as your B2B research uncovers changes in market trends. Think of buyer personas like a recipe; they need to be tweaked until you have just the right blend for your business.

5) Buyer personas should be created based on actual business data. The more you use data to create your personas, the more accurate your results will be and the greater your chances of sales conversions. Dig into everything from social media analytics to website analytics to understand your target customers better.  

Once you incorporate buyer personas into your business growth strategy, you will quickly see just how vital they are for improved conversions. You wouldn’t attempt to sell a product without knowing its features and benefits; the same theory applies to your knowing your customers. Learn how to craft effective buyer personas for your business and you will be impressed at the influence they have on your annual sales rate. Is this the year you double-down on an improved buyer persona strategy?