There aren’t magic pills to create a great website that visitors will have a great experience while reading through your well- weaved words, but there are a few things you can do to help. Within the first few seconds of viewing a site, readers can either opt to read through or close the tab immediately depending on your site’s appearance. The site’s fonts, logo, colors and imagery can either attract or scare away some readers. Every professional designer will ascertain that design equals credibility.

Note that poor design choices can be made on the path to website completion. However, if you follow these tips as you start a blog, you will be able to avoid the design pitfalls.

1) Font choices

A suitable font type and size is essential to your website’s design, professionalism, and most importantly, eligibility of your site. Though different people have different preferences when it comes to font type and size, you not select a certain font just because someone praised it.  In fact, you should go for a font type and size that offers easy readability to the site visitors.

Font choices

If you are not sure of the font to use, opt for Georgia, Helvetica, or Arial. These fonts are widely accepted as legible fonts online and have stood the test of time. It is worth noting that selecting font on the web is different from choosing one from Microsoft Word.

Few fonts can be viewed universally online by default. This fact has haunted typography most websites for a long time. However, Wix is offering a lasting solution for this problem. This web design platform offers a variety of templates that have the suitable font size and type to enable you to start a blog easily.

2) Colors

Unless you possess a vast knowledge of color theory, getting creative with the color scheme in your website may turn out to be a disaster. If noting the color differences and creating a great combination isn’t your cup of tea, most designers advise that you should use two contrasting colors – shades of black and white. But how does a black and white look? Can it help you achieve your goals of setting up your website?


You need Wix to start a blog that has the great color combination. Here, you don’t need a master’s degree in color theory to have a website with the great combination; you only need to use a template in Depending on the purpose of the site, you can succeed in setting up a professional site instead of having a website in shades of black and white.

3) Great images

Keep in mind that images can either make or break your site. Poor selection of images is a common mistake among most website owners. If you intend to use images on your ecommerce website, don’t cheap out – it will poorly reflect your brand.

High-quality images will cost you some bucks. If you are unable to pay for quality images for quality typography, consider these free options.

Great images

Unsplash – this site features high-quality and free images

Use Instagram – you can embed high-quality images from Instagram. However, don’t overuse Instagram’s images as they can make a site slow.

Flickr Creative Commons – this platform has great pictures. Note that the usage terms vary and therefore, you should only use the copyright-free images.

4) Your logo

A logo is more than a mere icon at the top of the e-commerce site: it is the face of your brand. There is a reason companies like the Citibank pay millions of dollars to for a logo re-branding.  Such companies understand the importance of logos and their significance to their brands.

Don’t ask your nephew of an accountant to design a logo for your e-commerce site if you value its appearance. It won’t be pretty, I bet.

Your logo

5) Don’t clutter your site

If your site is cluttered, the focus of the content disappears. Therefore, you should avoid the following:

  • Countless pop-ups
  • Excessive ads on your site
  • Unexpected animations
  • Auto-playing videos and music
  • Other annoying distractions

Though advertising is one of the ways to monetize your blog, filling your site with ads on the sidebar and every post is not going to generate more money for you.

Don’t clutter your site


Wix is one of the best platforms that enable you to start a blog for free. It also allows you to develop as many apps as you wish while offering a broad range of templates to choose from.  Get everything you need to create a website, do it yourself with simple drag and drop commands, get a chance to join over 800 million people from 180 different countries and choose from over 500 templates for setting a website. All facilitated by your number one website building platform – Wix.