Playing real money poker or spinning the reels of casino slots is no longer a privilege for those living in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. The шnternet made these things available for everyone. So, now, everyone aged 18+ can enjoy a great range of games without leaving his comfortable couch. Mobile casinos made it possible to become a gambler using just a smartphone.

Nevertheless, online gambling is not perfect. And one of its significant drawbacks is the lack of private data security. Fraudsters, hackers, and other cybercriminals are constantly looking for an opportunity to get your money or make money by selling your personal information. We created a list of tips that will help you to keep yourself safe when gambling online. You can be sure that here, you will not find advice like “set a strong password”. We will focus on some aspects that you might not have thought about. 

Why is it even dangerous to let someone enter your casino account? All in all, it is sometimes hard to get money from the casino if you are a real owner of the account. The verification procedures are quite tricky, aren’t they? So it is not likely that some stranger will make a withdrawal of your funds to his credit card or Neteller account. The thing is, your private data, such as passport number or credit card details, can be much more valuable for the fraudster than the money on your casino balance. As they say, “Who owns the information, he owns the world.”. 

Change Your Password Regularly

Even if your password does not consist of your name and birth date, it can still be hacked. That’s why one of the best things you can do to keep your casino account safe is to change the password regularly. Do it at least twice a month and do not use the auto-save feature of the browser. 

It is also a good exercise for those who tend to forget their passwords right after creating them. You will finally find a system of remembering the right letter and number combination not only for playing in an online casino but also for managing other online accounts you have on different websites. 

Use Different Passwords Across Your Private Accounts

Do you use the same password for most accounts you have? Does your Instagram profile have the same login details as your casino account? If yes, we have bad news for you. Even if your password contains capital letters, numbers, symbols, hieroglyphs, and a few Chinese characters, it will not help you. 

You will surely guard your casino password well. But our experience shows that the situation is different when it comes to login data for social networking pages and random sites where you register just to get access to some interesting articles. If you ever gave your password to some of your friends so that they can use your account for different purposes, you know what we are talking about. 

In addition, some websites are much less protected from hacker attacks than others. And if someone finds out a password to your account at an online tech store, it’s only a matter of time before your casino account is hacked. The main idea is simple: if you use one password for all your accounts, none of them is safe. But don’t rush to close this page and change your passwords right away, as we have some more useful information to share with you.  

Don’t Use Your Real Email Address

Create a separate email address and use it only to sign up to casinos to keep everything private and secure. Do not include your name or any other personal information in it. Make sure your email account is protected by a strong password, and never mention it anywhere except when logging into an online casino account.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

If you enter your login details using public Wi-Fi, you are risking disclosing your personal data to other people. The thing is, a person does not even have to be a professional hacker to find out your password if you enter it when connected to the internet in a cafe or shopping mall. Do not make it easy for others to steal your money. 

Gamble Through A Reputable Casino

This advice is pretty obvious, while the term “reputable casino” isn’t. So, we decided to clear up how to check whether the gambling website is secure enough. The first thing you need to check is a license. If the casino is approved by such organizations as MGA, UKGC, or, at least, Curacao, it is likely to be a safe place to gamble. 

The next thing to consider is whether the gambling website is properly encrypted. Your private data must be protected by a minimum of 128-Bit SSL digital encryption. Otherwise, the casino cannot be considered reliable. 

Actually, the safety of the casino you have just found might be already checked. By whom? By the gaming providers who offer their products there. If you see slots from NetEnt or Microgaming on the website, you can be sure that this is a decent place to make bets. These developers will definitely not risk their reputation by offering their games to shady casinos. 

These are just some of the useful tips on how to stay safe while making online bets. Additionally, we would suggest you use well-known services for payment and install antivirus software on your computer. Playing in an online casino is always a risk of losing money. But we bet getting in trouble because of a hacker attack is not the kind of risk you are willing to take. And if you think that taking all the listed actions to prevent fraud is exaggerating, remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.