Gambling online is actually a pretty great equalizer. Anyone with the cash to spend can log in and spend it, based on regulations in his or her home country. Not all gamblers are created equal though. There are winners, and there are losers.

So how can you elevate your online gambling game and actually improve your probability for winning real money long term? Take a look at these tips for growing as an online gambler.

Figure Out How Much You Can Actually Afford

The allure of the unknown is what draws a lot of people to games like poker but irresponsibility is actually not a requirement of the game. A mature gambler knows how much he or she has to spend and doesn’t deviate. In the piece “5 Essential Rules of Bankroll Management,” online poker room outlines how to gain wealth, and how to stay in the hole. It includes tips for what money to have saved before spending a penny on gambling. Once you’ve figured out exactly what you can afford, your approach to gambling will be more analytical and thought through.


Keep Track of Your Winnings/Losings

Long-term gambling success just doesn’t happen overnight. There are wins, and losses, along the way. To really know if you are up or down over the long term, you really need to keep records of what you are spending and earning back. Let those records inform how much you invest and in what games as you move forward. These are also great to have on hand when you do hit a rough patch. Take a look back on what you’ve actually accomplished in the past to move forward.

Research Technique

The internet has made it easier than ever to learn how to play in-person or online poker, slots and other gambling options. Like any skill in life, the more you know about the task at hand, the better you’ll act. Yes, there is plenty of luck involved in gambling but particularly for games like poker, technique influences success a lot. So read from experts and people who have made millions playing the games you love. It will only improve your long-term game.



Don’t make online gambling just one activity of many – if you really want to win, you must concentrate. Playing poker or slots absentmindedly on your smartphone or tablet while you watch TV is an okay way to pass time, but not actually make money. If you’re committed to growing as an online gambler, make it your singular focus when you are logged in and betting.

Avoid Emotion


Just as career professionals would advise you to check your personal problems at the door when you clock into work, online gamblers should not make the game personal. Don’t bet when you’re down and out, or desperate. Start with a winning energy and you’ll tend to breed more of the same.

If you really want to stick with online gambling and earn some money doing it, you should apply these principles. Of course nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of online gambling – but you can always stack the deck in your favor.