Strong brand awareness for your business means people can easily identify your products and brand among the competition. The mere sight of the brand’s logo or the sound of the brand name will resonate quickly with customers, no matter how saturated the market may be. That’s how brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, and McDonalds became household names, if not priceless IPs.

Most marketers consider building brand awareness as the most important goal, just above sales and lead generation. The key is to establish a good first impression in the first few seconds of people coming across your product or service. Once that rubs off of them, they’ll try to look at other memorable details like the logo or slogan. And the rest will fall into place from there.

It’s crucial for consumers to keep your brand at the top of their minds, especially when it comes to specific products and services. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this result and use it to your business’s advantage. Below are several tips you can consider:


  • Stay Consistent


If you want your brand to be set apart from the rest, the image and content it establishes must be consistent. From digital ads and website content, every message it puts out should reinforce your business’s core values.

Without consistency, you risk alienating your long-time consumers—people who have become familiar with your brand. Tropicana recently learned this the hard way, when their sales dropped by as much as 20% after changing their packaging. Consumers remember the orange-impaled-with-a-straw logo better than a goblet full of orange juice.

Digital signage solutions from companies like OmniAlly help with promoting consistency by constantly showing your brand in high-traffic areas. The more the brand appears in the signage, the more familiar it becomes among passersby. It also benefits campaigns aimed at spreading information.  

Also, instead of sending generic messages to potential and existing customers, focus on communicating an authentic and valuable message. Make sure that your content matches the subject matter, brand feel, and tone to provide a consistent brand experience to your customers. 


  • Partner with Influencers


Influencers are a recent and largely-untapped medium for boosting brand awareness. Those who have experienced the benefits of partnering with influencers say they’re more effective than any content the brand would’ve produced alone.

One reason for their effectiveness is that influencers have already established themselves as the authority in their chosen field. This is evident in their huge fanbase and the fact that they have more constant communication with their fans than traditional celebrities. A good impression of your product or service from a well-known influencer goes a long way.

You don’t always need to extend a partnership with big personalities. Local influencers or small businesses reviewing or posting about your products or services can work for a limited target market. The simplest way to determine partnerships that work best for your business is to know your brand and its characteristics.


  • Take Advantage of Video Marketing


In this social media-driven culture, video marketing can be a powerful tool in putting a brand’s best foot forward. Out of every 100 customers, around 43 will remember what they’ve watched in your video more than anything else. If done right, even a small business can give big names a run for their money in its industry. 

Videos are powerful for several reasons. For one, they can congest pages worth of information into several entertaining minutes. Also, people spend most of their time on their smartphones, checking their Facebook or watching YouTube videos. They also tend to go viral more easily, provided that its content is enough to make it so.

Among other marketing media, videos set your brand’s tone while helping meet marketing goals, such as increased conversion rates and improved product understanding. However, be careful not to make your video overly long and dragging. Experts recommend keeping it within single-digit minutes, unless you’re making a webinar. 


  • Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing


Sometimes, simple is best—and marketing is no exception. Spreading word about your brand through word of mouth has its share of benefits. It happens any time people share your brand with their friends, relatives, or colleagues, which is also essential in extending your brand’s reach. 

Keep in mind that people trust the recommendations and opinions of their peers more than ads and sponsored content. Thus, if somebody hears about your brand from a friend, they’re more likely to remember and eventually buy from your business.

Aside from organic means, there’s also amplified word-of-mouth marketing. This involves launching campaigns explicitly designed to encourage spreading awareness about your brand. Word-of-mouth marketing takes existing impressions about your products and services, and sends them in all directions.


  • Boost Your Digital Presence


Consumers tend to do their homework before transacting with a business, visiting its website, and reading up on reviews. Establishing a strong digital presence will go a long way in cementing a brand’s place in the Web. Solutions range from creating a user-friendly website to creating social media accounts.

These days, a business can’t survive without at least a social media channel, if not a website. Search engines like Google are now the go-to place for people with questions like, “How does this brand fare with the rest?” or “Is it available in my place?” Without a presence in the digital spectrum, a business risks losing out on most opportunities. 

Start establishing brand awareness over the internet by knowing the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), its rules, and the tools of the trade. Maintain a blog to serve as a repository for your content, taking into account rules against ill-advised practices. Think of this as answering your customers’ frequently asked questions. 


Strong brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight; it requires a significant amount of investment and a bit of luck. Your efforts will start to bear fruit when more people start to see your content, purchase from you, and receive referrals for your excellent customer experience. By following these tips, you can maximize your brand awareness and position your business for success.