If you’ve been wanting to take your Instagram to the next level in 2020, but haven’t been able to figure out how to do that, these tips might be the missing link. There will be natural stagnation periods along the way, but there is always a way to get around that if you are willing to put in the hard work.

Growing Your Following

Assuming you are here on the basis of growing your platform overall, whether you’re a small business or a creator, something that is probably holding you back is your follower count. Sometimes there seems like there is no way to stand out from all the other noise on Instagram. You have to get really lucky or have the right followers. 

Sometimes the only way to get more followers is by getting more followers. Which is like the typical conundrum of “needing the experience to get a job, but you have no experience”. Where do you start? Figure out a way to work the system to your advantage. In this case, you might have to buy real Instagram likes to boost engagement.

A paid service that finds real followers for you could make all the difference and push you past that noise. This kind of service hires followers for you to like and comment genuinely on your posts. It avoids using bots or inactive profiles. That’s something that can actually get you banned from Instagram. So while you will have to shell out a little cash, it’s worth the results in the end.

Developing Loyalty

Once your follower count has risen up into the thousands, or even tens of thousands, you need to focus on engagement. If you don’t keep followers intrigued and entertained, you run the risk of slipping back into the background. 

Once you’re in, you’re in. You need to keep pushing upwards. This is not easy work. You need to find your reason why you are committing to your brand and Instagram. Sometimes it helps if you genuinely take an interest in your followers. After all, they are the reason you’re here, and also what will determine your success. 

Make sure you set aside time in the day to interact with individual followers. Read through comments on your posts, and select a few that stand out to you, and respond. Your response doesn’t have to be verbose, but it must be genuine. 

If followers tag you in their personal stories, showcase that in your story! It publically shows your support and appreciation of your followers. This is one small thing that can be not only rewarding for you personally, but it can go a long way in making your followers feel special. Everyone likes to be seen.

 Staying consistent with your postings is another way to build your loyalty. Trust is built from transparent and predictable behavior. So, if you keep up with these interactions, followers will feel like they know you, and like you more for it. 

Be Reliable 

Consistency not only builds trust, but it definitely gets you more likes and visibility on a feed. There are so many tools out there to make this process painless. A common practice that the most successful accounts utilize is scheduling posts. It not only streamlines your productivity, but it can also put your posts out there at optimal interaction times for your followers.

 You can aggregate this data through services like Sprout Social. While this is a paid service, if you reach this point where you need marketing tools, you’ll be able to afford it. It will make your life easier so you can focus on the more important parts of content creation. 

Humans are creatures of habit. We are comfortable in a routine. So why should posting be any different? Most of us Instagram users enjoy opening up our apps over breakfast and scrolling through our feeds to be greeted by familiar accounts. Getting in a morning dose of inspiration, laughs, and talking points for the day is rather comforting.

When you think about it, it’s quite special that you can become a personal part of someone’s life, that you don’t actually know personally. You just need to make sure you are reliable.

Visual Appeal

According to ViralRace, whilst your photos and videos might be up to professional standards, your overall page might not appear as harmonious. If you are specifically set up as a design account in any sense, this can really make an impression. 

You have likely come across pages that not only have beautiful photos, but look stunning side by side as well. It may be easy on the eyes, but it is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of dedication and planning. This is an action you can take that will really set your account apart.

If you haven’t been mapping this out all along, you might want to start. Instagram is a visual medium, after all. This strategy can be particularly helpful for businesses. It’s a great way to promote a deal. You can split off a promotional poster into 9 separate images, and collage them at the top of your page. 

Another simplistic way to achieve this aesthetic appeal is by sticking to the same lighting, filters, and color palette. It’s okay to let it evolve over time. As long as it’s gradual and not abrupt.

Use Your Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a great tool and a standard way of attracting followers that would otherwise be strangers to your page. But using them in excess can be tacky and aren’t as effective as you’d think. When you do the proper research you will find less is more.

You could check out your competition to find out what hashtags they are implementing. Utilize social media analytics websites. Most of them have a hashtag research tool. There are also websites that are just hashtag search engines. You will be able to figure out what tags that fit your post are trending the most at the time. 

There are even hashtag generators, like Photerloo, that analyze your desired photo and are able to generate relevant trending hashtags to apply. Work smarter, not harder. 

Remain dedicated, do your research, and stay real, and I’m sure you’ll reach your 2020 Instagram goals!