Are you looking to buy a new laptop this year but you are unsure what to look for in your next device?

Laptops and Demand

The demand for decent laptops has risen sharply in the last twelve months, thanks in most part to the global health pandemic forcing many office-based workers to work from home or work remotely.

If you are considering buying a new laptop, there are a few things, after CPU and GPU, that you may not have considered, but missing out on these factors could mean you are stuck with a machine that you only half like.

Here are five things to consider when buying a new laptop that most people do not think about.


The size of your laptop will really affect the way you interact with it and what you can do with it.  There are plenty of smaller laptops that are fantastic machines and able to cope with a lot of system-intensive tasks and there are plenty of bigger laptops that lug behind like a dinosaur.

Size and power do not usually go hand in hand, so it is worth narrowing your search down, to begin with. 13” laptops are great for web browsing and even word processing, but if you will be doing any gaming, watching movies, or tasks such as video editing, you may want to opt for a bigger 15” or even 17” laptop for more screen real estate.


Laptop manufacturers these days are always aiming to make their laptops the thinnest and lightest option on the market, and that is great for most consumers, especially travelers.

If you will be doing a lot of traveling, or even if you will just be going to your local coffee shop every now and again, you will want to pay attention to the weight of your laptop when you buy it.

As a side note, weight and power do go hand in hand. In general, more powerful laptops will weigh more than underpowered laptops, but this is not always the case so it is worth checking.

Screen Quality

If you will be spending many hours a day, every day staring at your laptop screen, you will want to make sure you have a really nice screen to stare at!

It is always best to try to go for the best quality screen you can afford, with a high refresh rate and really sharp and vibrant colors – as a tip, keep your system in dark mode to help tired eyes.

How It is Powered

This is not the processing power, but rather the actual power your laptop gets from the mains outlets. Many modern laptops are now USB C powered and come with much smaller wall adapters than their older counterparts. 

USB C powered laptops also offer the flexibility of being able to use specific power bricks to charge laptops too.

Number of USB A Ports

It may seem a bit archaic, but the world still runs on USB A interfaced devices. From your USB keyboard to your wireless mouse and let us not forget the external hard drive. 

Grab yourself a laptop with enough USB ports, or at least one you can expand as needed.