For any business, choosing to outsource can be incredibly beneficial, freeing up time and boosting productivity. However, many small enterprises may worry about the costs involved, but outsourcing tasks can actually save money.

There are a range of tasks that can be outsourced, particularly those that require specialist knowledge such as software or technology, as well as those that are repetitive and routine. However, allocating the wrong tasks can hinder as opposed to help.

To avoid costly mistakes, here are some tasks that even small enterprises should consider outsourcing:


Admin Support

Administrative duties can be numerous and very time consuming, but they are also some of the best and easiest to outsource to a third party. This includes: updating schedules, data entry, travel arrangements, newsletters and email management. Although all of these tasks are crucial to any business, they take up valuable time and do not contribute to your company’s growth.

Accounting and Finance

Dealing with accounts payable, taxes and VAT, general bookkeeping, invoicing, financial reporting and analysis are not only incredibly time consuming, but also require specialist knowledge and skills. Unless in the know, these are tasks better left to accountants – such as Just Accountants – who will be able to process this information much faster and more accurately.


Human Resources

Human resources covers a wide range of diverse functions, all of which can be passed onto an external source. Choose a HR firm to deal with knowledge of employment laws to deal with employee rights, job advertisements and applicant screenings. They will be able to complete these processes quicker, providing you with more time to focus on business matters.


Website and Cyber Security

When it comes to handling IT, which can cover anything from website design and software development to cyber security and maintenance, can be expensive, not to mention complex. Unless you’re running an IT company or have experience in this area, leave these to be managed by a third party. This can have enormous benefits to your business, including improving customer experience.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s market, social media is a key part of business. From spreading brand awareness to increasing potential sales, social media now forms a central part of the majority of new business ventures. While a useful tool, creating and maintaining social media also takes a lot of time and effort. Outsource to an expert who can help grow your brand and save you time.