Are you employed in a company, running your own business, or undertaking any business that requires a business card? It’s undeniable that calling cards play a major role in any business.

The increasing number of corporate businesses has led to an escalating demand for prepaid calling cards within a very short period of time. For this reason, new calling card businesses have emerged. The business proved to be very profitable and is now the most popular business in its category. Below is a highlight of how you can start and manage your own prepaid international calling card business.

Step-by-step guide to starting a calling card business:

1. Write a business plan

A well-crafted business plan is fundamental to foreseeing potential problems and crafting solutions beforehand. It also helps in identifying your suppliers and buyers. When you have identified your desired targeted market, you can come up with the best branding strategies. Most importantly, a business plan allows you to account for all the expenses prior to launching the business.

business plan

2. Take a loan or gather funds necessary to cover you for the first year

It is necessary to first evaluate and determine the best way of financing your calling card business before taking a loan. Although the business is capable of generating huge returns, its initial capital is relatively high. Taking a personal loan from a bank is one of the common solutions that easily works in this case.

3. Identify and choose the best software solution for your company

A calling card company requires a solid software system. It is, therefore, necessary to first hire programming experts to build and design a software program for your customer service. Alternatively, you can opt for a CardSaver program in running calling cards like NobelCom calling cards. This software is capable of automatically answering calls, verifying client’s PIN cards, and allocating calling minutes.

4. Acquire the necessary servers and web hosting services

The servers you can use are usually dependent on the type of the software program used. This is because programs differ based on their hardware configuration and structure. Servers to be allocated are also dependent on the number of the workload they receive per day in terms of callers and other customer services. A busy company requires relatively bigger servers that are capable of withstanding the workload. Most importantly, these servers should be hosted by professionals in a physical facility and not via the internet.

5. Find a reliable source to buy your airtime and print your cards locally

Prepaid international cards are cheaper if you buy them in bulks. By doing so, you will be able to distribute airtime on different cards at a profit. You can print your cards locally and build a partnership program with local retailers.

Final Thoughts

Although many people think that calling card businesses do not give high yields, recent statistics reveal that prepaid international calling card businesses are indeed a gold mine of its kind. Besides, it is one the most promising industries with a medium competition. So if you are interested in building one, you can follow the steps above.