An antic car is cool and fun for driving. Except if its stereo system sucks or obsolete. So, if you want a good car sound system, you have to upgrade it. Upgrading your car stereo system could be troublesome though. But don’t worry. Here’s a 5-step plan to upgrade your car speaker system

5 Easy Step To Upgrade A Car Stereo System

Know What To Upgrade with Sound Tuning

You don’t need to replace all your car sound systems. Try to play music or audio you are familiar with, loudly. Listen carefully to the highest and lowest notes and find something that is off. If kind of distorted, speaker parts need to be upgraded. If it’s not deep enough, maybe you can upgrade your subwoofer and add an amplifier.

If you’re not sure about your hearing, you can use an online tuning app such as Sound Tune. This app will help you tune your car sound system. After you find which part that needs an upgrade, you can continue to step two:

Choosing The Best Car Sound System Part Replacement

You can ask your local car studio for the best car stereo part and match it with your needs. There are two main parts of the car stereo: coaxial speakers and component speakers.

The coaxial speaker is a mix of tweeter and subwoofers in one structure. A tweeter is a kind of speaker that produces a high tune and subwoofer, on the other hand, produces a low and deep tune (bass). This setting is the most common sound system setting in the car industry. You can replace this setting with the latter setting: component speakers.

Component speakers allow you to have a better listening experience. Car stereo is basically a component speaker.  Choose a tweeter and subwoofer with size and power that match your car specification and size. If you buy a subwoofer for your car stereo, don’t forget to get an amplifier. This device could help you adjust your subwoofer. 

Do your research before you get a new head unit, speaker, subwoofer or amplifier. Find a combination that suits you the best.

Get A Brand New Head Unit (Radio or Video Player) For Your Car

Every car has its own head unit from the factory. The head unit is a radio or video player embedded on your car’s dashboard. You need to upgrade your car radio if you want a better listening experience. Get a head unit with a wireless or Bluetooth kit that is compatible with smartphones.  

A built-in Bluetooth receiver would be an excellent upgrade for your car stereo system. This new device could allow you to make a phone call or listen to your favorite music playlist. If you can’t find one, you can buy a Bluetooth kit for your car stereo. 

Install A Noise-cancelling Mat In Your Car

A machine noise could ruin your listening experience. The best way to fix this problem is buying a noise-reducing mat. Basically this mat is a puffy material that could absorb engine sound and other unpleasant noise. This mat is also the best mat that spoils your feet. This special mat is cheaper than an artisan bread.

Hire A Car Audio Specialist To Customize your Car Stereo

This tip is the best option for inexperienced car owners. Upgrading a car stereo could be upsetting. But why bother to do it if there is a car stereo upgrade service company that can help you find a better car stereo setting? 

You can search for the best car audio specialist in your region with google. Google maps could suggest the nearest car audio specialist for you. Or just ask your friend.

Car audio specialists will give you the best car stereo upgrade with custom speakers, head units, and other accessories. You can adjust the package with your budget. Don’t forget to add an extra budget for the service costs.  

Not ready for using a car stereo upgrade service company? Just call them and ask them for some advice. They will happily help you decide to upgrade the whole stereo system or just some of its components. Maybe they will give you an extra discount for using their service.