• Are you looking to improve revenues and sales by optimizing the performance of your brand’s website?
  • Do you know how UI and UX make a major impression when traffic comes to your website and how they engage with you?
  • Have you tried thinking about how your website design can help you improve the performance of your business?

Many business owners and CEOs think that a brand website is nothing but an assortment of colours and some text. They fail to realise that there is great value in optimizing the performance of a business website. 

According to digital experts, a business website is the digital identity of a brand. In other word, your business is introduced to people who are unfamiliar with it through a website. There is a great chance that those unfamiliar people might also be potential customers for your brand. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the foundation of a high-performing business website- design. However, before we get to the tips for the perfect web design, let us look at some of the advantages of the same. 

Advantages of Having a Great Web Design

A business website defines your online presence. Apart from having a bearing on your sales and revenues, there are many other advantages of having a great web design. Some of them are- 

  • A well-designed business website helps in improving the credibility and legitimacy of the brand in the online space. 
  • It helps in improving your branding and contributes in a major way to your publicity among interested customers.
  • Web design helps in a major way in contributing to your website’s SEO and search engine performances. 
  • A good web design helps customers understand your brand in a much better way and sets the standard for high service. 
  • It also helps in attracting traffic from mobile devices, which is going to constitute a majority of your audiences. 

Besides the above points, reasons for having a brand website can quite simply be because your competitor is doing the same. 

List of 5 Stellar Tips to Improve Your Business Using Website Design

1. Be Original And Simple- 

Taking inspiration is one thing, but blatantly copying another website is not something your brand should do. This is why it is not a good idea to work with website templates. The aim should be to create an original design for your brand website. You should also try to keep the design as simple as possible. Clean lines, normal colours and straight fonts. 

2. Design For The Mobile User- 

Google and other search engines pay a lot of emphasis to the web experience for mobile users, this is because 70% of all searches take place from a mobile device in the world. It is necessary that you consider how your web design is on the mobile interface. The design, the colours, fonts and sections should not get cut under any circumstances. 

3. Have a Consistent Design throughout- 

Many of us have visited websites where the home page of a website is not at all similar to the service pages. This is something, which you should try to avoid. A consistent design says a lot about your brand. People prefer brands where a consistent design allows them to navigate different parts of the website with ease. 

4. Focus On The SEO- 

At the end of the day, you are making a website, which should be loved by both audiences as well as search engines. This is why you should focus on the size of the website, the loading time, the navigation for the bots to crawl and index and so on. Web design is a major part of On-Page SEO. Sadly, this fact is something, which most brands are not aware of. 

5. Content Matters a Lot- 

A good web design might prioritize colours, images and fonts. However, make no mistake, great SEO optimized content plays a major role in creating a well-designed brand website. The right content compliments the design and creates a seamless navigation and understanding of the website for the audiences who visit your website. 

The Final Word

If you start investing and focussing on your web design, you will start seeing an improvement in your digital performance. This will allow you to reach more customers, build your brand and increase your sales and revenue generation. 

Can you think of some more tips, brands should pay attention to when designing their website UI and UX? Let us know in the comments section below.