If you run a website, you’ve probably asked yourself how to make money from it. You’ve got a steady stream of traffic, an engaged audience, and great content. Monetization is your next step. With the correct techniques, you can create a passive stream of income that keeps providing. The best thing about a website is that it draws in money even while you sleep. All you have to do is put the mechanisms in place, and you’ll create a growing business. It sounds tricky, but it’s easier than you think. Here are some proven methods that really work.

5 Simple Ways To Make Money FromWebsite

1. Advertising

Hosting ads on your site is the oldest and simplest way to make money online. Granted, it won’t turn you into a millionaire, but it might make you that first check. the best way to get started is by using Google AdSense. Sign up, and register your website on the dashboard. After approval, Google will begin to post adverts on your site. You’ll make money every time one of your visitors clicks on it.

2. Affiliate sales

Affiliate sales are the second most popular monetization method. It’s particularly favoured by bloggers, as it allows them to bring in lots of passive income. Essentially, it means referring your visitors to another company’s sales page. You take a commission every time someone follows your referral and buys a product. Amazon have the biggest affiliate scheme on the web, allowing you to sell Amazon products through your site.



3. Sell your own products 

Adverts and affiliates are great, but they won’t make you rich. If you’re looking to make some serious profit, you’ll have to start thinking about your own products. Choose a product that resonates with your audience, and set up an online store. If you can’t think of a physical product to sell, don’t worry. You can also sell informational items, ebooks, or tutorials. Use your imagination here! Set a pricing structure that includes both low-cost and premium options. That way, you’ll make money across the board.

4. Subscriptions

Subscription services are quickly becoming a dominant form of revenue in the digital world. Think of Netflix and Spotify who charge a monthly price for access to their service. Even some of the top media and news sites are using this technique. As Apple and Amazon follow suit, we can assume this model is here to stay. If your website focuses on software or a particular service, this could be a good option.

5. Brand sponsorships 

We all know that the big money comes from partnering with brands. These are the companies with huge marketing budgets, and lots of cash to spend! You can take advantage of this by creating sponsored content or native advertising for them. It’s a more subtle form of advertising which is less intrusive than traditional methods. Most of the biggest media sites (including New York Times, Buzzfeed etc) are using this trick. Reach out to potential brand partners, and try it yourself.

The internet is still a very profitable place if you think creatively! What do you think is the best method for monetization?