Men and women – fire and water, earth and sky, Mars and Venus. We used to think so. But in fact, we are not that different from each other – we just sometimes find it difficult to understand each other. However, men and women cannot live without each other.

Here are five simple truths about men that every woman should know.

They don’t like texting

Yes, he will write to you a lot at the beginning of the relationship, with precise phrases, poetry, and whatever you like.  Over time, relationships become more stable, you already know everything about each other, and the need for non-stop communication simply disappears. The habit remains only with you.

Women realize themselves through successful communication with others, therefore, maintaining contacts is sacred for them. Men, on the other hand, are mainly realized in work and consider their own achievements rather than the number of useful connections to be the measure of their success. In addition, multitasking is not available to them. Women can write a message and immediately get back to business. Men will have to start from scratch.

But this is a very big mistake. So, if you also face this problem, try to focus not on the amount of communication, but on its quality. A healthy and correct relationship should be primarily based on personal communication. Leave messengers for a shopping list or other urgent messages.

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Men talk about love with actions, not words

Have you ever had a situation where he told you how beautiful, wonderful, incredible you are and disappeared for a month? Yes, men are well aware of what we love with our ears, and they know how to use the right words. However, if there is nothing more than words, it indicates that he does not believe you are worth his time and effort.

When a man does not speak any lovely words, an entirely other scenario arises. At the same time, he is ready to break away from work in order to take you to his friends, he is ready to spend the weekend with your family, buy food for you at home, etc. And in this scenario, ladies wonder why he hasn’t said the three key words, and they are so preoccupied with it that they overlook the fact that his deeds speak louder than words.

He wants to make you happy, but he’s not sure how

Men do not understand vague hints and do not like solving puzzles. So, the simplest and most pleasant option is to just tell him you need something in plain text – without demands and, most importantly, threats.

Another vital point: constantly express your gratitude for his efforts. There is nothing more pleasant for a man than to see that his woman is truly happy with him. 

If he thinks he’s losing you he’ll make a fuss

Why is this happening? This phenomenon can be conditionally called the male law of conservation of energy. In other words, as long as a man feels safe in your relationship, he will try less. And this is logical: compare your behavior on sales. If you see a Chanel dress with an 80% discount, would you insist on paying the full amount?

So, it is with men. But once he realizes that there is a risk that someone else will get you, he will fight for you. And this is a serious indicator of his feelings.

Most of all he values freedom

Men are more than anything in the world afraid of losing their freedom. Yes, it’s funny, naïve, maybe immature. 

And this explains a lot: their lack of communication via messengers, their constant fishing and hiking with friends, and even their dread of being in a relationship.

Does this imply that they’re all plotting a way to get away from us? No. But still, it will be useful to give them time for themselves. Women, unlike men, are immersed in feelings so much that they can abandon their favorite activities, stop seeing friends, and so on. And this is a big mistake. To shape new aspects in your relationship, feed on new experiences from the outside. He will be given the independence he requires, and you will be able to do what you enjoy rather than thinking about unimportant things.