One morning you just woke up and realized that you’re running late for your work. Moreover, just when you needed it the most- your car just won’t turn on. You try to keep turning the key but your engine just doesn’t want to start. It is raining outside with a thunderstorm creating a drama in your life at that particular moment of time. You wanted to listen to some music on the radio at that moment however, your radio to does not want to start on as if you are inside a horror movie. This has happened on a day which might be today proving that your car’s battery is dead.

To protect yourself against such horrors, you should know the warning signs of a dying battery. Whether you have experienced such situations before or not, everybody agrees that they run such a risk at any moment in your life. The narratives such as car battery not holding a charge even for 20 minutes so that you can reach your office is very common.

You do not need to put yourself in such a situation and seek assistance at the very last minute. Whether or not your car’s battery is dying or that it is already dead comes down to 5 signs.

dead car battery

1) Your Car’s Headlights Are Dim

Consider yourself driving at night taking your kids home from practice or you are simply on your way to pick up dinner. You got to see what’s on the road ahead of you. If your lights are not bright enough as you can clearly remember them once being. It might be the right time for you to consider having your battery checked. Moreover, do not give up to the myths that it might be caused because of breaking, as that is not the cause. They are also not because you didn’t wash your car for a while. Your car’s headlights are dim because they are not able to get enough power which is needed to light them brightly at night. This is the right time to check the battery of your car.

2) Clicking Sound When You Turn The Key

The clicking noise when you try to turn the key means that your car battery is dying or is already dead. This sort of situation happens to almost all of us. You might not be in a hurry to get anywhere, however, when you try to turn on the ignition and your car makes a clicking noise. It is a sure sign that you have lost your car’s battery. You try to turn the key as many times as you want to or you can leave your car for an hour and come back again to try your luck, but the result will be the same.

3) Slow Crank Of The Engine

The slow cranking of the engine is one of the most common symptoms of a dying battery. When you can hear the engine cranking slowly then you need to take your car for a checkup as soon as possible. You need to understand that your engine draws the amperage from the battery every time you start your car. If your battery is near completion to its life you will experience slow crank of your car.

If you are able to listen to the sound, then you should not ignore it. You do not want to put yourself in such a situation. If your car battery is dead, then get it replaced as soon as possible.

4) The Backfiring Of Your Car

If your car is backfiring, then it is a clear sign of the death of your car battery. Before you replace your battery, you need to check the car carburetor and the black box. If both these components are working properly, then most probably, it is the battery of your car which needs replacement. The spark of your car becomes intermittent, and it can cause your car to backfire when there is a buildup of fuel inside the cylinders. This makes a spark to ignite all of a sudden which results in the backfiring effect. The car battery can become an expensive piece of equipment to replace, however without a car battery your car cannot work at all.

5) Ignition Doesn’t Work After Sitting Overnight

This is a pretty sign of a car battery failing. However, most people do not realize that until and unless they have gone through many troubles to justify that it is not the car battery. The thing to note is that if your car shows such behavior then it is surely the car battery which is dead. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you can try some other things to find what exactly causes such an issue. If you left your car’s lights on at the night, then your car battery needs some time to get back to charge which you can deliver to it with the help of a charging equipment. Moreover, if you left the car interior lights on at night then the car battery doesn’t need the replacement. Another issue which might plague your car is when you need to give gas to your car to start it. This is another sign that the car battery is dead or is about to die. The car is able to run smoothly once it starts running. However, the main thing to note is that the day will soon arrive when the car battery won’t start at all and you would need to replace it.

The above-mentioned points have shown the important points to you to understand the car behavior when your car battery is about to die or is already dead. You can refer to this article if you’re facing such issues. Remember that the prevention is better than the cure and that you do not have to go through the pain of car battery issues. You have the knowledge now to overcome such problems in future before it even affects you. Hope this article was educational enough to solve your car battery questions.

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