Customers are at the heart of your roofing business, no matter if you are serving one, one hundred, or one thousand of them. Therefore, you want to make sure that every customer receives the best care possible. If you’re still using a spreadsheet and filing cabinets to keep track of consumer files, your business could be missing opportunities for growth and better customer service. Roofing CRM (Customer Relations Management) helps you bring your business out of the dark ages, meet your goals, and to excel past the competition. Here are the top five reasons you should consider the switch to roofing CRM.

Mismanaged Data

When was the last time you wrote someone a handwritten letter? A spreadsheet is only one step above a pencil and pen. Worksheets take longer to complete because you have to type in each piece of information manually. However, placing each customer in a different file or sheet can chop up the bigger picture. Automating all business, sales, and customer data gives you a clear image of where your company is excelling and areas it could improve. 

Keeping Track Of Your Team 

Sure, you trust your team members, but having a way to track their progress in real-time can give you a better idea of how to schedule them more efficiently. Roofing CRM can keep track of your team’s time and growth, which also makes working with other contractors easier to manage. 

Knowing Your Customers

How well do you know your leads? How many houses were affected by the latest storm? Do they have insurance? What is the age of your customer’s roof? These are all questions that would be difficult to answer if you weren’t keeping a close eye on your market. It would take several hours a day and many team members to follow all of that data, but only one piece of software with automation. You can find leads and market trends as well as primary areas that could require new roofs or repairs all in one place. 

Improved Customer Service

The last thing you want to do is keep your customers waiting or provide below-average customer service. That not only gives your company a bad reputation but can also lose you their loyalty. Keeping a record of past interactions can help you to improve the quality of care given to each customer and keep them coming back to you instead of the competition.   

Expand Your Business

When all aspects of your roofing business are kept securely in one place, your team members stay on the same page, working together towards the same goal. This makes every member of your team know what is expected of them and works seamlessly to achieve a more harmonious environment. This collaboration allows more time spent on customers and growth and little to none wasted on things getting lost in translation.

If you still aren’t convinced that roofing CRM is right for your company, JobNimbus has been nationally recognized for its ingenuity and efficiency. They have experts ready to answer your questions via email, online, or phone. Learn more today and help your company start reaching its full potential.