For someone who is just starting out online, you might be looking to build an online presence at an affordable price often turn to free hosting platforms. After all, they sound like a great deal for beginners who want to build on a budget. Such platforms market their services as free plans that allow you to show off your products, reach customers, and increase profits. Unfortunately, tech enthusiasts who use free hosting platforms do not achieve any of this.

According to IP Geeks, a web hosting support company, having a reliable host can have a significant impact on the health of your website (you can read more about hosting support solutions here: Still not convinced? Continue reading to learn the top reasons you should avoid free hosting platforms.


Firstly, tech enthusiasts should avoid free hosting platforms because they are unreliable. If you build your website on a free hosting platform, your provider can choose to end their services at any time. More so, they are not required to provide you with any other resources to keep your site up and running. They can send you an email one day and close their services the next. You will have to find another hosting platform to transfer your data over to quickly. If your current hosting provider refuses to wait for you to move your data over, you could lose your entire site. To refrain from losing all of your hard work, avoid free hosting platforms.

Hidden Fees

Typically, free hosting platforms are not actually free. Many providers convince tech enthusiasts by using the word “free” in their advertisements, but charge hidden fees. While you may be able to build a site for free initially, your free platform could start charging you once you pass a certain date. If you want additional features that successful sites use on a regular basis, you will also have to pay. Tech enthusiasts who choose free hosting in order to stick to their budgets, often go over budget in the end. For this reason, you should avoid free hosting platforms.

Poor Domain Name

You should also avoid free hosting platforms because of the poor domain names they offer. They provide URLs that consist of a few relevant words followed by numerous letters and numbers. To top it off, your site will end with the free hosting platform’s name. This portrays a sense of unprofessionalism to consumers and visitors. The websites that make the most profits have unique, professional domain names. This is one of the fundamentals of web hosting. Because consumers prefer such sites, search engines like Google rate sites with clear URLs higher. Thus, sites that function on free hosting platforms do not appear on consumers’ screens when they conduct searches. With a poor domain name, you will not be able to make a valuable profit.

Non Profitable Advertisements

Another reason that tech admins rarely profit with free hosting platforms is because they force you to advertise for them. More so, they do not allow you to advertise for your own brand. When a consumer visits a site built on a free platform, they are hit with tons of ads for the free hosting platform. If they’re interested, they will leave your site to visit your hosting provider’s site. Thus, tech enthusiasts on free plans make money for their providers instead of for themselves. Rather than market another brand for free, avoid free hosting platforms.

Locked Website Data

In addition to the above reasons, you should also avoid free hosting platforms because they can lock your website data. Numerous tech enthusiasts think that they can kickstart their websites for free and then move onto paid plans once they have more funding. Such tech enthusiasts do not understand how difficult free platforms make it for users to transfer their data to other providers. Many business owners have to hire very experienced IT professionals to assist them in exporting their site’s data. Even if you have some experience and can figure out how to transfer your data yourself, the time you spend doing so will decrease your profits. Stay away from free hosting platforms so you can use your time to make money now and in the future.

Free hosting platforms persuade tech enthusiasts with their affordability. However, they cause numerous problems that lead to overspending down the road. For instance, their unreliability can lead to a total loss of data. Although they market with the word “free”, hidden fees are often involved. They offer poor domain names that both consumers and search engines dislike. Many platforms advertise for their own brand on their users’ sites and do not share any of the profits. Finally, such platforms make it nearly impossible for tech enthusiasts to transfer their website data to other providers. For these reasons, you should avoid free hosting platforms.