If you sell products on your website, then one of your most important metrics is your conversion rate. It’s great getting thousands of people to your site, but you need to make sales at the end of the day, and this is where your conversion rate comes in. 

Low conversion rates can be very frustrating, and here are five reasons why yours might be lower than you’d like. 

Slow Load Speeds

Slow load speeds hold a website back in every area. More people are going to bounce, fewer people will engage with your content, and fewer people will buy products.

We live in a world where we’re used to quick access to information, and if you’re not providing it, then people will become frustrated. 

A few seconds can make all the difference, and if you’re not optimizing for site speed, then you might find it’s severely hampering your conversion rate. 

Lack of Engagement 

It’s rare that people come straight to your site and know exactly what they want to buy. Instead, it takes time on-site and often multiple visits to your site to create a sale. 

If people aren’t engaging with your website and consuming the content, then you don’t have time to build those sales. This is why things like your user experience, content, and copy are so important; you’ve got to have an engagement to create sales. 

This is an area where it can help to work with an Inbound Marketing Agency to make sure your site is performing. 

Added to Cart to Get More Information 

If your product pages don’t give people enough information, then you might find they add things to the cart just to see if they get the information they’re missing. 

For example, shipping is a big consideration for consumers, so if your policy isn’t clearly laid out, people have to search for this information. They still haven’t committed to buying the product, but they might add it to their cart to see if they find the shipping information on the checkout pages. 

In this case, you’re likely to see a much higher abandoned cart rate. 

Barriers to Sale 

Once someone has decided to buy your products, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to checkout. The more barriers you put in front of them, the more reason you give them to abandon the cart. 

Buyers go through a complicated decision process when they commit to buying a product. It takes into account lots of factors and weighs up the pros and cons of making the purchase. If you’re making them do extra work such as filling in needless forms, then this will continue to factor into the decision-making process, and it can tip the balance back the other way. 

Calls to Action

Once you’ve got people’s attention, you need to be able to guide them into taking action.

You want to have a clear picture of the customer journey you want people to take and then use great copy and calls to action to guide them through it. Think of it as a funnel, and make sure you’re guiding people through the journey.