The digital life today is all about data. Bytes and Gigabytes of data are produced every second. Keeping the criticality of data in mind, data storage and data backup automatically become a necessity. Many tools are available in market today for backing up your data. Today we will talk about WinX DVD Copy Pro which is designed specially to fulfill the up-to dated DVD backup in Windows 10. It works seamlessly for copying, burning and playing for extremely scratched DVDs.


Let us look at the Top 5 reasons why WinX DVD Copy Pro is your ultimate DVD backup tool.

1. 1:1 DVD backup

WinX DVD copy pro provides a DVD clone backup with no data loss or quality degradation. It provides a wide utility in copying D9 to D9, copying D5 to D5 or cloning intact DVD video audio data to blank DVD. This 1:1 backup ensures exact replica of the original data. You can clone DVD to ISO image and Video_TS folder. It bypasses unnecessary processes making the process fast without compromising on the quality.

2. Low cost, High Speed and Quality

WinX DVD makes a 1:1 backup in an average time of 15 minutes only (subject to CPU and DVD Drive speed). The CPU utilization is less than 1% during the backup process. The backup data is of high quality and an exact replica of the original retaining the audio and video quality.

3. Flexible copy bypassing protections

WinX provides a flexible DVD Title/ Chapter copy wherein you can copy audio/ video data to a MPEG file. This can be used further on multiple devices like PS3, Xbox etc. You can edit it further on Media Player. While copying, you can also bypass copy and region protections. You can copy scratched DVDs, Disney’s Fake, Sony ARccOS bad sectors too. Its advanced bad sector recover engine is useful to repair bad and corrupted sectors. Dirty, worn out and cracked DVDs can be cloned efficiently.


4. DVD Burner and ISO Mounter

WinX has a built-in ISO image mounter and DVD burner. It can mount DVD ISO image and burn ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder to DVD disc. It creates a virtual drive while mounting ISO. This helps in cloning of DVD ISO image which is virtualized as a real disc loaded in the drive.

5. Easy to Use

WinX DVD copy pro is easy to use and has a user friendly and straight forward interface. The backup process is convenient and as easy as ABC. Even for advanced users, there are a host of settings for DVD backup and protection. You can choose the numbers of sectors you want to jump or remove while taking the backup.

WinX DVD Copy Pro is one efficient tool with compatibility with region codes and protection systems. Scratched DVDs and bad sectors can be copied with ease maintaining the quality of audio and video. The entire backup takes only 12-17 minutes depending on CPU and DVD Drive processing speed. Looking at the above description and advantages WinX DVD Copy Pro is the ultimate DVD backup tool.

Let us know about your thoughts on WinX DVD Copy Pro and how much does this software make your life easier in the comments below.