The operation and the management of parking garages is a complex task. As cities grow, and so does the number of cars, garages, and parking lot operators face more and more challenges. Their most important mission is to ensure secured vehicle and personal access to the building or the property. To fulfill that, numerous security protocols have to be implemented in their processes. Unfortunately, increased safety often slows down processes, placing an extra administrative burden on the employees. In addition, there is a lot of room for error in manual, ID, or ticket-based entry, so those who do not have permission might be able to enter the building.

So what’s the solution? An innovative parking access control system that provides security, speed, and convenience at the same time.

There are certain types of locations where implementing such a system can be extremely important:

Corporate buildings where only employees and security-credentialed people are allowed to enter
Hotels where the guests’ first impression starts with the parking experience
Sports or any other event where efficient crowd management begins and ends with parking
Parking facilities where seamless and structured parking operation is essential
Shopping malls or other retail establishments where detecting known thieves or other troublemakers and denying their access is required.

Now that we know where parking access control systems provide useful service, we’ll show why they are crucial in modern parking management. Let’s see the five main reasons why we need them. ”

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1. Increased Security

Parking lots and garages are often the targets of security incidents and crimes, especially after business hours. Without proper protection, your parking lot can be involved in these common problems:

  • Tailgating (when more than one car enters)
  • Property damage and vandalism
  • Car theft
  • Vehicle damage

Adding the right parking access control system to physical barriers is a great way to prevent these crimes. One of the most innovative and secure solutions you can add to your overall security strategy is the automatic number/license plate recognition camera (ANPR/ALPR). Parking control systems with built-in cameras allow only registered vehicles to enter. These cameras are easy to install and integrate into new or existing security systems. Besides the maximized security, the integration of license plate recognition at entry and exit points provides a completely paperless, smooth, and automatic access control.

2. Smooth and Secure ID Checks

Rapid entry of persons combined with effortless, automatic identification is also a major reason for implementing an access control system. Today’s modern ID scanners allow you to identify entrants, validate their IDs, and record their data in the blink of an eye. With these innovative, user-friendly scanners, you can forget about long queues, manual data entry, and errors. The device scans the IDs in 2 seconds and immediately displays the data on the screen providing clear feedback to the user. By adding such an ID scanner to your security system, you can ensure error-free data entry and the detection of false IDs. It makes sure that unauthorized persons won’t enter the building or the property.

At a parking lot or a garage, the security staff needs to handle different types of IDs to identify customers, employees, or guests. For state-of-the-art ID scanners, which Adaptive Recognition also uses in its systems, this task is a breeze. It reads all forms of ID data, including printed texts, barcodes, contacts, and contactless chips. It also analyzes each ID layer via various illuminations – white light, UV, hologram, edge light, IR, etc. – to reveal hidden things such as microprint, tactile/embossed elements, and many more.  Thus the ID scanner can provide reliable help to users who have no experience with fake ID verification.

The most innovative ID scanner models don’t even require a PC connection. They can transfer the results to any connected smart device via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 4G. 

3. Automation in Parking Access Control

Automated parking management comes with countless benefits, which brings us to another key reason why installing a parking access control system is worthwhile.

Ticketless Parking

With ANPR/ALPR cameras that have been already mentioned above, ticketless parking systems can be easily implemented. Aside from being immensely convenient, such a solution comes with numerous advantages, including but not limited to being: 

  • Twice as fast as parking tickets 
  • Customer-friendly
  • A sustainable paperless green solution
  • A great way maximize profit from the parking fees.

Ticketless parking systems can be used effectively in all kinds of parking spaces: sports facilities, hotels, hospitals, tourist attractions, office buildings, shopping malls, parking garages, etc.

Automatic Barrier Opening

The automatic parking barrier system ensures the safety of the property and the vehicles, and it makes sure no car enters or exits the area without permission. How does it work? Like in the case of the ticketless system, the automatic barrier openers are integrated with ANPR/ALPR cameras. Based on the license plate captured by the camera, the system automatically lets authorized vehicles in and out. 


Another benefit of an efficient parking access control system is its cost. Automated systems require a lot less human workforce and keep the number of possible errors to a minimum. This makes your car parking more efficient and safer and saves you a high amount of labor costs. 

4. Full Control of Traffic and Revenue

In addition to the highest security provided, parking access control systems allow you to track and count vehicle entry and exit in real-time at your parking space. Whether it’s maintaining social distance or general crowd control, this is a key feature for smooth parking operation. The automatically updated real-time data gives you the opportunity to display the number of free spaces at the entrance, so you can avoid vehicles in your garage looking for empty parking space when there is no more left.

By recording the entering and exiting times of the vehicles, parking access systems can determine the appropriate parking fees to be billed. In addition, with real-time data and detailed reports through parking control systems, you can easily track parking revenue over time, identify non-compliant cars, and audit the system at any given time.

All data provided by the system is useful for managing and tracking parking capacity and detecting usage trends, which can lead to a better parking access control process in the future.

5. Less Workload on Employees

Monitoring and registering all incoming and outgoing vehicles, dealing with tickets and payments, identifying people, and verifying the authenticity of IDs. This is a significant amount of work a smart access control system can do on its own. ANPR / ALPR cameras take care of car identification while the barrier automatically opens to allow entry for authorized vehicles. The ID scanner inspects any ID in 2 seconds, verifies its authenticity, and automatically transmits the data to the system. With a well-functioning parking access control system, the security staff has only one task left to do: monitoring the system. It takes a lot of burden off their shoulders, which leads to more productive and focused work.

The modern parking access control system provides maximized security, prevents traffic congestion, and helps to effectively manage parking capacity. 

Thanks to the easy integration of local infrastructure with innovative systems, barriers now open automatically, and a ticketless, trackable, and manageable parking system can be easily set up, in which security staff is only responsible for monitoring the operation. It speeds up the parking process, as well as eliminates traffic jams at critical points such as entrances and exits. 

All in all, smart parking access control systems with integrated ANPR/ALPR cameras provide a flawless and secure parking experience.