Counter Strike was first introduced to the world in 1999 and released on Windows platform-based computers. A multiplayer first-person shooter it soon took the gaming world by storm. Bringing the excitement of playing a counter-terrorist agent trying to prevent bombings, terrorist attacks including hostage-taking or assassinations from taking place. With the universal success of the first-person shooter, game sequels were not long in the making. In March 2004 Counter Strike: Condition Zero was released much to fan’s delight. Within 8 months the follow-up game Counter Strike: Source which was essentially an updated version of the original Counter Strike. 

It was the fourth incarnation that really blew people away, in August 2012 Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released and really took the game to another level. With Counter Strike being released on all major platforms including Xbox and Playstation and not just windows based computers. An offshoot of the game has grown to be a highly valued market, skins. People will pay relatively large sums of money to ensure that they have the latest and best designs for their weapons, including knives, guns, and any other items that you can procure either by completing tasks or buying them or through trade with fellow players, and there are even sites for betting your CS:GO skins. 2021 looks to be a good year for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and especially the market for skins as players are always keen to keep up to date with their allies in this titan of a game.

1: The Popularity of the Game Goes From Strength to Strength

The number of playing Counter Strike continues to grow each year since its 1999 inception. Now over 24 million people enjoy playing on a daily basis creating a global phenomenon within the gaming world. The game is especially popular in the United States, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia. With sales of the game comes sales of skins and with year-on-year growth that shows no signs of slowing down the skin market is surely going to grow with it. 

2: The Covid Affect on Online Gaming and CS:GO

Throughout the world, businesses have seen a downturn in profits due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Tourism, traditional shopping malls, and stores have been hit particularly badly. But one of the sectors to benefit from this crisis is online gaming. Sales have dramatically increased with the rules on social distancing forcing people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary contact with others. Whilst many people have had to confine themselves online gaming offers some relief not just with the gameplay but the online community that games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive offer. 

Developers in the gaming industry also have the benefit of largely being able to continue their work from home ensuring new updates and problems that arise can be resolved efficiently and quickly giving the gamer continued access to the game.

3: International Tournaments and The Impact on Skin Sales  

With the growing popularity of e-gaming in the home, the industry was quick to capitalize on this trend and organizes global tournaments of Counter Strike Global Offensive and countless other games. Prize money can be high and many companies offer large sums of money to the winners and runners-up. Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the very few games that has paid over $100 million to competition competitors.

Just being good enough to enter the competitions and potentially winning is not enough. If you are playing regularly against your friends updating the skins that you use is important, we like to impress but if you’re playing to a world audience looking at the part is very important to many players. Sales of skins go up dramatically in the weeks before tournaments begin with every player wanting to show off the latest and coolest new skins to an audience of over 1 billion people.

4: Owning Skins Can Make You a Lot of Money

With the popularity of online games booming so is the buying and trading of skins. The highest price ever recorded for a skin in Counter Strike Global Offensive was a staggering $150,000 thousand bought on Stream. The AK-47 Case Hardened skin was highly sought after by enthusiasts of the game and other items have gone for similar prices. Many players now view this as a new business and collect them with the idea of selling them to the highest bidder and making a great profit whilst still enjoying the game.

Unfortunately, as with anything that makes money there is an underground market and usually involves skin gambling. Research has shown that skins are being gambled and are of great concern to regulators. With children as young as 15 years old regularly gambling the skins they own, the skins can then be converted into real money using Stream’s “Marketplace”.

5: The Importance of Skins to Devoted Players 

Having the latest and rare skins is not just a way to show off it also has a phycological effect on the opposition, it shows you mean business. Players who have the standard regular or cheap skin on their weapon are viewed as not being serious players, this is not always the case so don’t be fooled. But it does make the opposition nervous and nerves will help them make mistakes during the game.

Skins also let you show the world your personality and being able to recognize the opponent’s level and commitment to the game. Virtual names and avatars often don’t give much away about just who you are but with up-to-date skins, it can often improve your playing as you feel more comfortable with the gun for example.

Activating skins can also help keep the game fresh and prevent boredom creeping in the same as when you play against new opponents or change the maps and the environment that you have been using.

The Modern Counter Strike Global Offensive is all about fun and the online gaming community that surrounds it and skins have a big part to play in that 


When the original Counter Strike was released in 1999 it helped to boost the popularity of the first-person shooter game market which had been dominated by a select few games. Nobody could have predicted the worldwide success of Counter Strike from the United States to China and Europe; it became an overnight sensation within the online community. With four main versions being released and several offshoots for Asian markets, Counter Strike Global Offensive has become the most played of all of the franchises to be released.

Skins are now a massive part of the gaming experience not just for Counter Strike Global Offensive but for many games on all major platforms. The money generated from the sale of skins from the official site helps to fund future development of products and with conflicting rumors of a new Counter Strike in the works, it should be an exciting time for fans of this already classic game. With constant updates of maps, weapons, and skins helping to keep the loyal gamers happy and help entice new gamers to the Counter Strike world the future looks great for the game and for skin sales.