Renting IT equipment is on the increase! As working from home is the “new way of working”, many companies needed to arrange extra IT equipment on very short notice. This meant not only acquiring laptops, but also computer screens, mobile phones and accessories. For many companies, buying new IT equipment seemed to be the only option. Fortunately, renting IT equipment is also a possibility. To put it even more strongly, renting IT is often more cost effective, efficient and sustainable than owning IT. Curious? You can read more about it in this article. 

1. Renting IT allows You To Spread Out your costs

Do you want to buy new IT equipment for all your employees? Then you should consider a heavy bill to pay. Buying new equipment is a significant initial investment, which may put you in financial difficulty if other expenses occur earlier than expected. If you rent IT equipment, you spread out your costs.

2. Renting IT Gives You Flexibility

Do you need IT equipment for a certain period of time? Then renting gains your company some flexibility. You can simply return the equipment at the end of the contract. Handy if your company makes use of temporary workers for peak periods or specific projects. 

3. Renting Special IT Equipment

Some companies need special IT equipment for specific occasions. For example, some companies use tablets or VR glasses for fairs and exhibitions only. In addition, if you rent an iPad or VR glasses from a professional IT company, you often have equipment with the latest updates and technology. 

4. No Worries About The Life Span Of IT Equipment

Every device has a projected life span. And as you might know, due technological progress many electronic devices age rapidly. If you rent a Macbook, you don’t have to worry about the life span of your equipment. That is a concern for the rental company. 

5. Renting IT? No Repair Costs! 

If you rent IT equipment, you’re not responsible for repairing and maintaining the devices. Rental companies always provide you with IT equipment that operates at peak performance. Not having to repair and maintain equipment, also has other cost benefits. For example, you don’t have to buy tools, equipment and machine parts to perform repairs and maintenance. 

Do you consider buying new IT equipment? Owning it definitely provides you with a capital asset. However, in many cases buying is not the most cost-effective solution! Renting might also be the best option for you.