When your audience takes an action on your YouTube videos, it is called YouTube engagement. These engagements can be in many forms. The most important engagement actions are shares, comments, subscribe/unsubscribe and likes/dislikes etc.

The study says that 84% of internet data is consumed in video format. Humans are emotional creatures, so they gravitate towards videos than still pictures. YouTube has revolutionized the face of the videos permanently.

Videos act as special bonds between you and your viewers. It helps you to create a personal connection with your audience and create a memorable impact on the viewers’ mind.

The brain receives 90% of the information in the form of visuals. The human brain absorbs 80% of what it sees (visuals) and only 20 % of what it reads.

Search engine loves videos and it gives more liking to videos than any other content types. It doesn’t matter if you want to make videos for your business or YouTube. It’s not that easy to make perfect engaging videos, which will appeal to your audience. Video making process can be made easy, if you make videos with Wave Video.

Let’s make the videos which will be impactful, memorable & long-lasting on the viewers’ mind. Here is the step by step guide to boost your YouTube Engagements.  

5 Quick Wins Tips to Increase Your YouTube Engagement

  • The Magic of Thumbnail:

Thumbnail is nothing but the image you see before you browse the videos. As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Hence creating attractive thumbnails is very important.

  • Use Super Eye Cathy Image:

As it is proven that our visual memory stronger than text memory. The visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text in the human brain. So creating an appealing thumbnail can boost your YouTube engagement.

Since we have a visual memory, we get naturally attracted towards the pictures. Your Thumbnail decides whether your viewers are going to watch your content or not.

Viewers first see your thumbnail and title and then browse for videos. For thumbnail, you can pick up any image from your videos, if it is interesting enough. You have to make sure that your thumbnail must be sharp, clear and catchy. 

All the Best videos which are performing well on YouTube have customized thumbnails.

  • Add Intriguing Text:

If you don’t have a mind-blowing image in your video, then you add some texts onto your thumbnail to grab your viewers’ attention. Text on your thumbnail is the second title for your video.

Besides this be consistent with font size, font Colours and logo. These tactics can help you in branding and help viewers to recognize your videos from the bunch of other videos. 

  • Keyword Research and Optimization:

Uploading your video without doing keyword research it’s like shooting in the dark. Before uploading a video you have to do proper keyword research and optimize it.

You can use any keyword planner tool. Once you find the search volume and competition, then it’s become a little easier for you to reach your potential customer/audience.  

Google understands that some subject requires video demonstration if it is dealing with educational videos. They add in-depth value compared to regular written text.

The skills like cooking cannot be learnt by reading a book or reading an article. It can be learnt with video demonstration. If you target such ‘video keywords’ then not only YouTube but google also send traffic to you.

The best way to find ‘video keywords’ is the Google search engine. For example, the keyword “how to make cheese pizza,” will give all video results at the top of Google search results. So if you do proper keyword research then you are likely to rank your video in the top pages. 

  • Length of the video:

As it is scientifically proven that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. It is shorter than 9 seconds. Since the mobile revolution started in 2000, the average human span decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

We have to take the advantage of these scientifically proven statistics and implement them into videos. Our YouTube video should be short & sweet to grab the viewer’s attention.

The YouTube algorithm gives more importance to video watch time. The YouTube algorithm gives more importance to the percentage of your video watched than the number of minutes.

It’s getting difficult to stick more people around on your videos, because of our decreasing attention spans. Hence, it’s vital to grab the attention of viewers in the first 5-10 seconds. So make sure the length of your videos is between 3 minutes to 5 minutes. 

  • Uploading Videos consistently:

Consistency is key to success for the YouTube algorithm. If you post your video consistently it also helps you to maintain engagement with your viewers. You should be uploading videos if not daily then at least twice a week.

After establishing the viewership, let them keep coming back for more. Upload videos frequently and keep your videos fresh, current and invaluable.

  • Communicate with your audience:

You can communicate with your viewers in many ways. You can treat your engagement online like a conversation in real life. You should project yourself as their best friends, guide and mentor through your videos.

There is no shame in asking your audience for shares, comments and likes. It indicates to your viewer that their opinion is valued and you are always open to communicate with them. Make sure your reply to their comment as well.

You can use other social media platforms to communicate with your audience, such as Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn etc.


YouTube engagement directly depends upon the YouTube Algorithm. YouTube Algorithm is nothing but the machine which collects the data. It is very hard to satisfy the YouTube Algorithm.

In reality, it is easy to crack the YouTube Algorithm. If you know what exactly Algorithm wants. The algorithm judges your videos by video watch time, viewer’s engagements, shares, comments, subscribe/unsubscribe and likes/dislikes etc.

So your primary focus must be on pleasing, entertaining and giving value to the audience than pleasing the YouTube Algorithm. Because The Algorithm likes what Viewer Likes.