Time Management has always been the essential thing for every professional. If you are not able to execute the task within the assigned time frame then you won’t be able to tick off the to-do list at the end of the day. Today we are talking about architects. Architects are known to be the busiest people in the industry. They have tonnes of tasks on their to-do list and if you are an architect by a profession then you probably have a better idea about it. You might have procrastinated a lot of times in the past which would have affected many important things at your work. You might have missed a few deadlines which would have pissed off your client or your boss. Punctuality is one of the keys to achieving anything in life. If you can execute the given task or a job in the given time by understanding the priorities then no one can stop you.

Being an architect, you might have come across the situation where you were asked to deliver the services on an urgent basis. We understand that there might be hundreds of things on your mind which you need to accomplish but being a professional it is also important to adhere to your commitments and satisfy your clients. Hence it is important to learn the art of time management. Many business gurus and motivational speakers talk about the importance of time management. Here are a few of the hacks which would help you manage your time effectively and accomplish your tasks on time.

Plan your day and block the calendar

Calendar blocking is another effective method that experts suggest to use your time effectively and increase productivity. Here you can use a free tool such as google calendar which would help you to list down all the activities of the day according to the time. You can set a time for a specific time. It would also give your reminder before starting the new task. This way you won’t be able to miss any task.Apart from this you can also consider using the softwares such as total synergy that helps to work on all the projects smoothly. 

Target the difficult tasks first

Have you read the book Eat that frog by Mark twain? He advises to eat the live frog first in the morning and your day would go smoothly. Don’t worry he is not asking to eat the real frog. Here is referring to the difficult task. What do you need to do here then? Make your to-do list and make sure to list the difficult tasks first in your list. You would get the feeling of accomplishment once you are done with the difficult tasks and all you would have with you is the list of pretty easy tasks which you can finish off in a jiffy. Finishing with the difficult tasks first would give you a push to tick off all the tasks on your to-do list.

Stop multitasking

There is a myth that multitaskers are achievers. If you try to do many things at a time then there are chances that you won’t be able to finish off with one thing properly. While multi-tasking our brain tends to shift over many things at a time and this could lose our focus. Hence make sure you finish with one task first before focusing on the other one.

Stay away from the social media

Everyone has a habit of scrolling through their social media updates in between the day. If you are someone who has a habit of checking the social media updates at the start of the day then there are chances that you get diverted due to any of the posts which could affect your entire day. Make sure not to look through your social media accounts early in the morning. You can even turn off the app notifications which could disturb you during the whole day.

Apply the two-minute rule

Try to think of a time that requires each activity while creating your to-do list. If any of the tasks require less than two minutes then you can do that first. With the help of this two minutes rule, you would be able to tick off your to-do list quickly. You can even use the timer which would help you to analyse the time. There are even apps like the forest that helps you to block all the notifications and also show you the total time you spend on the respective task.