In the modern world of business, websites have become a necessary component for every company. A website is your online storefront. It’s your key to reaching out to potential clients, and it provides you with an opportunity to express yourself creatively, stand out from your competitors and reach potential clients that you would not be able to reach in other ways. 

So whether you are a small business owner or an individual providing freelance services, you should focus on creating an impressive website. By using a platform like  Editor X you can design outstanding sites with great user experience for your visitors which will boost your online presence.

Here are 5 practical tips to help you understand what you need to include in your website in order to make it look amazing.

  1. Make sure that you have a compelling message

Branding is the art of creating a unique value proposition that differentiates you from your competitors. A value proposition is more than just a logo or company motto. It’s a statement that describes what your company does, how it does it, and why it’s better than the competition.

This may be the single most important step in building your brand. If it doesn’t include a strong value proposition, everything you do will be wasted effort. The first thing people will notice on your homepage is the headline or text used to describe what you do or what problem you solve. Your headline needs to be clear, specific, and attractive so that your visitors will want to learn more without hesitation or confusion.

  1. Consider a bold color combination

Web design trends nowadays include bold colors and creative combinations of colors.

Bold colors are used to attract users’ attention towards a specific part of the website. The psychology of colors is an important aspect of web design, and it can even affect your conversion rates. Designers use contrasting colors to create a sense of balance in their work. They also use similar colors to draw the user’s attention towards certain elements on the website in order to create a smoother user journey.

  1. Use pictures, videos and infographics

There are many ways to represent your company but the best way is by using pictures, videos, and infographics. Pictures are a great way to tell a business’ story because people are naturally drawn to visuals. Videos are one of the best ways to show your company culture and values to your clients or even potential hires. Infographics are good for showing off statistics about your company or business data in a dynamic, engaging way.

Pictures are also important because they tell an emotional story about what you do so think about what stories you would like people to associate with your brand when choosing photos. Videos can help paint this picture even further because it is easier for people to imagine themselves in certain situations when they have visuals explicitly telling them how they feel. Finally, infographics can say things that words cannot convey!

  1. Make it mobile friendly!

Today, more than 50% of mobile users are searching for companies on their mobile phones. The statistics are even higher for millennials. This means that your business website should be mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, you risk losing potential customers to your competitors.

The first step is to make sure that your page loads quickly on mobile devices. Check how long it takes your website to load on a mobile device and make any necessary changes. Next, you need to prioritize the content that should be visible at first glance. For example, you can list the phone number at the top of the home page so it is easily seen by visitors browsing through their social feeds.

  1. Don’t forget to add a call to action!

Many people neglect to add a call to action on their websites. This is a mistake as it can lead to a lot of missed opportunities. Making sure that there is a clear and concise call to action at the end of every page on your site is vital.

The website visitors are usually looking for some information or want to buy a product or service you offer. A call to action can be anything from asking for contact details, giving some encouragement, or even suggesting someone watch a video. It can be as simple as asking for an email address or as complex as asking someone to put in an order.

If you are not sure what to do, use these tips on how to get more leads from your website.

  1. 1. Add a Call-to-Action button on your homepage
  2. 2. Offer free resources for download for visitors
  3. Provide the option of subscribing to an email newsletter


Design is an important part of your business, and it can have a huge impact on your conversions. If you’re looking to create a site for your business, and want to stand out from the competition, try applying these tips and see how they work for you.