Remote work is becoming more and more popular these days. Having a job that allows you to travel around the world freely is a dream for many people. And luckily, there are dozens if not hundreds of tech jobs that can make your dream come true.

That’s why we’ve decided to tell you all about the 5 remote travel jobs for those with wanderlust. Don’t go anywhere as we’ll be mentioning all kinds of jobs ranging from entry-level to professional-level.

Online Survey Completer

The great thing about online surveys is that even a 5-year-old can do it. Although it’s pretty illegal for underage children to do online surveys, the fact that you don’t need a degree nor to be a professional is why this job suits so many travel heads.

As an online survey completer, what you’ll essentially be doing is complete surveys for rewards. Each survey will usually get you a small amount of money, which you might deem not worth your time.

But surveys take a short time to complete and you can even work all day. All you have to do is simply make an account with one of the leaders in this industry. And don’t think for a second that completing surveys doesn’t pay well enough to travel.

On average, it is estimated that you can earn up to $25 a day. Since a survey usually pays anything between $1 and $20, you can make a nice living by doing multiple tasks a day.

Freelance Writer

The great thing about remote work and the internet is that you can do whatever you want as long as you have the necessary expertise. This is why the internet is the number one place for making money whilst traveling.

If you’re particularly stoked on traveling to exotic and mysterious places, then becoming a freelance writer is the best possible thing to do. But you might think to yourself that you’re a pretty average writer.

Well, nothing is possible if you don’t try. Even if you are a bad writer, you could always improve your writing skills in numerous ways. Hard work and determination will allow you to become a freelance writer that can travel the world whilst working from your hotel room.

And, again, as a freelance writer, you can charge anything from $10/hour as an entry-level and $30/hour when you become a professional. These numbers have been derived from the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

But money and the prospect of remote work isn’t the only thing that is so appealing when it comes to this job. The fact that you can even be a writer for yourself on your own blog is the reason why so many travel heads do it.

There is a huge market to explore when it comes to travel blogs. The more people love traveling, the more people will look for travel-related content. And you’ll be there to capture their attention and give them advice for upcoming travels.

UX Designer

UX is short for User Experience and it is very important in our day and age. Ues experience focuses on providing the user with the best possible experience when visiting a website or application.

UX practices and teachings are very valuable since UX is a very in-demand skill. Becoming a UX designer can earn you anything from $75,000 annually as an entry-level designer to $110,000 as a senior.

And you don’t even have to work for a company to land those figures. The world of freelancing gives you the best option to travel and work what you love. If you’re particularly interested in creating positive user experiences, then becoming a UX designer is the gig for you.

That’s not easy though and you will have to spend hours learning a few skills. Some of the skills a UX designer must have includes the following:

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Visual Design Skills
  • Empathy
  • Coding Skills
  • Project Management
  • Business Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Critical Thinking

This might sound very broad, but having or developing each and every one of these skills will help shape you into the best UX designer.

Video/Photo Editor

Video and photo editing are two different things, but we’ve decided to include them in the same section as they both fall under the category or editing media.

Video editing focuses around, well… editing videos. Photo editing is the practice or teaching of editing photos. Two very self-explanatory jobs that require very little to understand.

But you’d be surprised to see just how complex both jobs can be. The world of video and photo editing is huge and very in-demand. The more people use YouTube and social media, the more they’ll need editors to edit their videos and photos.

And this is where you come in. As a video editor, you make a lot of money by editing video content for YouTubers. This content can be anything from vlogs to “let’s plays” and even inspirational videos. Your job will be to create a meaningful and cohesive story for the viewers.

As a photo editor, your job will mostly be sharpening images, color correction, and prepping photos for social media. Both jobs can be done remotely and they’re some of the most popular gigs for freelancers.

Virtual Fitness Coach

Because the internet is so great, you no longer have to be present in a gym to give tips and tricks to people when working out. Instead, you can do it all straight from the comfort of your hotel room.

Being a virtual fitness coach is one of those jobs that will allow you to travel the world while also being there for your clients. You can use Skype or Zoom to communicate with your clients while also enjoying the golden beaches or Bali or the Corn Islands.

You might be tempted to go out and enjoy the beach, but you still need money for traveling. Don’t lose hope as all you need is a solid internet connection and a camera and you’ ‘re all set.


Remote work is everywhere around us. Thanks to the advancements of the internet and technology, we are able to work jobs from anyplace we want in the world. And thanks to the change of culture in modern companies, remote work is accepted and in some cases promoted.