Are you looking into strengthening your brand’s national reach? Companies wanting to grow their online presence at a nationwide level should consider implementing national search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to rank for broad search terms online.

If you’re working closely with a driven SEO agency like UpFireSEO, you’re likely familiar with national SEO already and how it can benefit your business. It’s an SEO strategy that business owners should learn more about.  

What Is National SEO?

National SEO refers to the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engines for a national target audience. Search engine optimization (SEO) can put your business or organization in the frontline of national search results in major search engines. With a robust strategy, you can attract more prospective customers, which results in more sales. 

It’s crucial to implement data-backed tactics for national SEO as search technology evolves and consumer expectations change. But what are the important things you need to do to be competitive enough in this area? In this article, you’ll learn the different national SEO strategies that can help you rise above the competition:

  • Choose The Appropriate Keywords

If you want your site to rank on a national level, you need to choose the appropriate keywords so more people can find your site when they search the internet. Instead of trying to get your business seen within the local territory, you should change your mindset towards ranking using general terms. 

As a national business, you need to be seen when a user searches for a general term in search engine pages. For example, instead of using “office supplies in Illinois” you should be searched using the general term “office supplies.” 

Ranking for broad or general keywords is more difficult and requires more time and costs. This is because working on national SEO means that you’re facing competition from other large companies or brands that cater to the same customers as you. So, how do you choose the best keywords? You should focus on two types of keywords:

  • Broad: These are keywords that get many organic searches but have high competition.
  • Long-Tail: These keywords get fewer searches but have very little competition. 

For example, when people search for “accounting” they could be looking for many different things. They may be looking for companies that offer accounting services or what accounting means. You can’t be certain what the user is trying to look for when they use this broad keyword. 

However, when a user searches for words like “accounting software for beginners” it’s a long-tail keyword that indicates interest in purchasing a specific product or service. This is the type of keyword you should target so searchers at the national level will find your site easily.  Therefore, you should look into long-tail keywords that are relevant to your niche.

  • Boost Your Content For National Audiences

You should be serious about boosting your national audience reach. Creating relevant and relatable content can help your company connect and engage with your target audience by answering questions and solving problems. 

You need to create and implement a content marketing plan, so you can build trust with your prospective and existing customers, generate more leads, increase conversions, and increase sales. You can attain this goal by creating fresh and comprehensive content. 

It’s important to avoid generic content or merely rephrasing or repurposing previous content with common topics that are already covered in other websites. Create unique or different content with a fresh topic to give your audience a new perspective and solution. 

If your website is flooded with short articles, then you can try creating more comprehensive articles such as helpful guides. Insert facts and figures to picture the current situation or write an analysis of a national issue or hot topic.

Aside from that, you should also be creative with your content. Adding infographics, videos, and other kinds of interactive content will increase your chances of being seen by a wide range of audiences. You should add interactive maps, quizzes, and calculators to make your content more fun and interesting.     

  • Check How Your Competitors Are Doing

You need to know why your top competitors are performing well. There are different online tools or software programs available to check your competitors’ SEO performance, such as the terms or keywords they use and rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). You can use these tools to create better and more effective SEO strategies for your national campaign. 

More importantly, you must study and observe how well they are engaging with their national audience. The way they connect with a huge market can give you ideas on how you can handle yours too.

  • Boost Off-Page SEO Strategies

Off-page SEO strategies include all SEO activities you do outside your website, such as guest posts and social media posts. It’s crucial to boost off-page SEO strategies if you want to dominate the national searches. 

Building good quality backlinks is crucial for off-page SEO. Major search engines utilize backlinks as content quality indicators. If your website has several high-value backlinks, your site will rank better. But make sure to build backlinks on websites that are based in the same country, so your rankings will get a boost on the national level.

  • Tap Influencers Who Are Popular On A National Level

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that can also boost your off-page SEO. The idea behind online influencers is simple: They help you communicate your message to a targeted audience, using their unique online personality to engage with followers on social media. 

You can work with influencers or social media personalities who can expose your brand to millions of followers and establish a national customer base. Just make sure to select an influencer who has already gained momentum on a national level—not just on a state or local level. You should also select an influencer who has a niche related to yours. 


 You need to keep yourself abreast with digital marketing trends to create and implement strategies that work effectively. To get the attention of the national audience, you need to use the right keywords and create content surrounding these keywords. Your content should also appeal to a larger audience and it should be creative and adds value for your target audience. 

Checking how your competition is doing is also critical as you can learn from their best practices and mistakes. Lastly, you should put focus on off-page SEO strategies like backlinks, guest posts, and influencer marketing to increase your reach and visibility to a larger audience.