So, you’ve got an idea for a gaming business and you need to market your product. Having a well-crafted marketing strategy is essential in the cutthroat gaming industry. No matter whether you’re a seedling about to embark on an adventure or you’re almost ready for launch, the following tips will guide you through the essentials of creating a gaming marketing strategy. 

Sponsor YouTubers

These days, YouTubers are highly respected in the gaming community and their videos see millions of viewers a pop. When a YouTuber amasses enough viewers, they tend to have their videos sponsored – usually by the likes of mobile games and casinos like Ruby Fortune. Whether it’s a gaming giant like Pewdiepie or the current JD Sports YouTube man WillNE, you can find out how to get on the inside here

Set Up Social Media

In today’s market, you need to have a solid social media presence. You should shout about your game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at a bare minimum. Although you’re just starting, if you don’t have the time to run all of the channels, you should speak to your team. After all, they need your business venture to work out. 

Optimise for the Mobile Market

The mobile gaming industry is enormous right now. So, ensure that your game is optimised for at least Android or Apple – you can always dominate the other enemy later down the line. With your game on mobile, millions of people will be able to download your game wherever they are. You can include ads for monetisation and add a paid version to allow people to eliminate the ads. However, ensure that you don’t go too over the top with your subscription prices because people don’t want to spend a fortune on their mobile games. 

Create a Blog

The chances are, you already have a business website as the home for your product. If you haven’t got one set up, you should add a blog to your page. As a new game, there will be plenty of people searching for strategies. If you create plenty of quality content including guides and behind-the-scenes insights, you will likely rank high on Google’s search engine.

Feature On Credible Podcasts

We live in the world of the podcast. People enjoy plugging in their headphones and switching off for the latest news about their favourite games. If you can have your new venture endorsed by one of the top gaming podcasts, you will reach an enormous target audience. Get in touch with the hosts and drop them a free copy of your game on the condition they review it. You will more than make up for the revenue in increased sales. 

Creating a new game in today’s world is a challenging task. If you don’t have a solid marketing strategy behind you, your game will fall off the face of the earth and your months of hard work will go to waste. Work with well-established voices in the gaming community who will happily talk about your game.