Owning an iPhone or iPad is not only a great option for talking or texting. While most people use their mobile device for contacting others or going online, you can do so much more with your mobile device. Did you know that there are applications for your iPhone and iPad that can help you make money? From pennies to actual dollars, there are apps that you can use during your downtime that can help pad your bank account. Below are a few examples you can try to begin to make money!

apps that make you money

1. Ibotta

If you are the grocery shopper in your family, you should consider downloading this application. Ibotta is a great way to earn cash back for purchasing items at the supermarket. The app offers you rewards, in cash, for purchasing certain items. This could be the standard Milk that everyone needs or more intricate items such as a certain brand of cookies. Once you purchase this item, you click the coupon and scan your receipt. In a short period of time, you have reward money in your Ibotta account that will be sent to you once you reach a certain amount of rewards. It is so simple and easy for everyone to do!

2. Perk

One of the more popular apps for earning money while you shop or surf the internet is Perk. This application is free to download and allows you to earn points while you shop, watch videos and share items with your friends. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem your points for cash prizes, gift cards or airline mileage. This is a great way to use your mobile device to earn cash while you are online.

3. Mobile Casinos

A great time waster and way to make money is to download a mobile casino to your device. USA Friendly Mobile Casinos such as Bovada Mobile Casino or Slots.lv Mobile Casino can offer you quality casino gaming so that you can turn your pennies into major cash! Enjoy slot gaming, poker, table games and more when using your mobile device for online gambling.

4. Shopkick

Do you go shopping or find yourself in town on a regular basis? Then Shopkick is the right app for you. With this application, you can earn points just for visiting your favorite stores. Choose to scan particular items within the store and you earn even more points. The points are called ‘kicks’ and allow you to earn rewards such as discounts on your favorite merchandise, which comes in handy for the more expensive items you wish to purchase.

5. Field Agent

For a unique way to earn money via your mobile device, download Field Agent. This application allows you to conduct field work in your town which will earn you cold hard cash. You will see different missions on your phone that need to be completed. You must choose the mission and then you will receive instructions on what you must do. This could be visiting your local drug store and taking a picture of a display and then answer a question about the display. The simple tasks can pay from $2 to $12 and are a great way for you to earn money on the side by using your mobile device.

Overall, there are many ways to earn extra dollars by using your iPhone or iPad. Take the time to try the applications mentioned above or search out your own to see just how you can use your downtime to earn extra money with your mobile device.