With so much competition for app users, it’s only natural for today’s developers to spend the majority of their time endeavoring to improve app performance. However, app builders who don’t also take time to maximize their marketing endeavors are likely to get buried. Here are 5 imperative reasons that mobile developers should put their efforts into marketing:


1.Test Screenshots and Icons.

You probably know that images are crucial for attracting users to your mobile app. However, if you want to optimize your app store listing, it’s important to test various screenshots and icons. At Gummicube, we conduct regular focus group testing as part of our app marketing. The goal is to determine which images elicit the most positive responses among potential users.

2. Find Phrases

It’s not enough to choose relevant keywords to target in the App Store; developers must also combine keywords to create phrases that reflect how people search in this arena. One of the benefits of working with an app marketing company like Gummicube is that we provide you with keyword phrases based on our proprietary data and a thorough analysis of your campaign. As a result, our clients regularly stay ahead of their competition.

3.Keep Track of the Competition

Get Help With Your Description

Did you know that more than 5,000 new apps appear in the App Store each day? As a result, it’s almost impossible to stay competitive without utilizing proprietary software like the kind created by Gummicube. Our algorithms make it easy to identify the keywords your competitors are using and adjust your own mobile campaigns accordingly.

4.Get Help With Your Description

If a user is reading your app description, then the chances are good that he or she is somewhat interested in your product. However, you still need to convince people to choose your app over a similar product made by one of your competitors. At Gummicube, our app marketing experts help you craft descriptions that are both accurate and appealing to searchers. Additionally, we advise you on the best keywords and phrases to include in your description to boost search rankings.

5.Free Up Your Time

The fact is that app marketing is a full time job, and neglecting a single element of your app store listing could prevent your product from finding an audience. At Gummicube, we take a full-service approach to mobile marketing, freeing you up to focus on what mattes: creating great new apps for customers to enjoy.

Unlike other marketers, Gummicube uses real mobile data to analyze user trends and increase download rates for your app. Call today or contact our app marketing experts online for information about launching your next campaign.