You finally have everything put together for your brand. The logo is flawless, the website runs as smooth as it looks, and people love your content. The branding is done.

Except, it’s just started because the strategy never ends, and you have a storefront to run. So, what else can you brand in your store? Just about everything to be honest.

That’s why we are taking a look at 5 impactful real world branding ideas you might not have thought of.


1. Your Invoices

The sale is done, so how do you make sure that you have a chance to stay relevant to your new customer? Brand your invoice!

Stick that beautiful logo of yours in the top right or top left corner of your invoices, and stick a few extra important details like your address and contact information on there too. Make sure your invoice sticks out from the other millions of pieces of paper in the file. That makes you easy to find in their records, and finding that paper is all it should take to contact you again.

If you want to take it to the next level, find a place that creates custom stamps like Stamptopia. You can make images with your logo and a “sign here line,” and turn it into a stamp. This gives your invoice a more personalized and professional look. Getting signatures is a great way to make sure you have your copies of invoices and helps you keep it organized, while the stamp stops you from having to hunt for the signatures!

invoice branding

2. Your Postage

Physical mailing is still a huge facet of today’s business world, but how do you make your letter stand out? After seeing millions of letters in my mailbox, I started to notice a pattern when it came to the mail I opened first. That pattern was my brain leading me to the letters with branded return addresses and the IRS logo.

Since you can’t be the IRS, I suggest you go with the branded return address option. Seriously, if there was a letter with a logo, business name, address, phone number in a stamp, sticker, or special seal, I opened it. I know I’m not the only one who does that either. Those little things can make all the difference sometimes.

3. Your Front Door

Get a cool front door and brand it. Hand paint it, stamp it a million times, vinyl wrap it, make it a stained-glass window, whatever. The point is, make that front door awesome.

That may seem silly to many people, but it’s first thing people see when they show up at your facility. People remember the first thing they see because it’s their first impression. It’s also a surprisingly awesome way for your customers to remind others of the place they were just talking about that did that amazing work. You know, your place.

“You know, the place with that awesome front door.”

cell phone case branding

4. Your Cell Phone Case

If you own the business, or you love the business, you should put its logo on your cell phone case. Since the majority of people have a cell phone, there would be some that are interested in buying one from you or people that will be interested about the company on your phone case.

Call it a conversation starter.

You can make custom phone cases, laptop cases and more at places like skinit.

5. Your Pens

Find a pen you love, and try to find somewhere that can print your logo on them. Places like National Pen can help you put your logo, address, and phone number on pens, and you should.

Think about it, how many pens have you accidently taken from the pizza guy over the years? What if those were your pens that you happen to leave on a customer’s desk? What if those were your pens that customers accidently walked out with?

Seriously, it also gives you a tons of pen stock for around the office. So keep your pens stocked with your pens!

pen branding


Branding is ever changing, but there are things that will never change. Customers will always need a receipt, your front door will always be used, and customers will never stop taking your pens.

What are your favorite branding tips and tricks? Do you have another branding aces up your sleeve? Tell us about them in the comments below!