Retaining the good employees at work is essential to maintaining profitable teams in any organization. There’s enough competition everywhere around and ethics are something most of the people tend to forget comfortably. Amidst these stressful situations, it is very difficult to retain the good employees who are productive and also help to improve their productivity for the organization’s benefit as well as their own benefit. The HR manager or the HR Management team have a tough time recruiting the right professional to the organization, get them trained and then if they leave the organization due to an unhappy working environment, it sends a red signal to the organization’s workforce in total. Here are some ways you can help the employees improve their productivity and also retain them for the organization’s benefit.


A Positive Working Environment

A positive working environment boosts productivity naturally. A place where you have employee friendly rules and regulations, where you give them enough freedom to think creatively and to think out of the box will definitely be a more productive space even if the employees are not rewarded as frequently. People consider their freedom to work as a better recognition of their creativity than monetary rewards. If you can also appraise them periodically, it will result in better productivity and employee retention. Not many places allow this, particularly in the medium companies. Most of the start-ups are able to retain their employees mainly by providing a positive environment where they can experiment and bring out better solutions considering the deadlines.

Reduce Stress levels at work

Stress is the main enemy of productivity. There are enough factors in today’s world that make the employee’s life quite stressful which can affect his or her productivity greatly. One best way to get rid of stress is to talk and engaging your employees often with professional counselors can be a great way to let them empty their negative feelings and start thinking positive. Once the employee is drained out of all his stress, you will find that it boosts his productivity to a great extent.

Talent recognition and Appraisals

It is important to recognize the talents your employees possess and to reward them in a timely manner so that they will engage in self-development activities which will further boost their productivity. You can engage in talent recognition and appraisals even if it has nothing to do with their work at present. In fact, it will encourage them to explore more areas where they can improve their talents which will increase their productivity well. Talents such as music and painting may not be related to an IT professional’s work at present, but if you encourage them, it will boost their morale and help them get rid of the monotonous work life. If your employees are skilled in other areas which may be of importance to your organization, it becomes all the more necessary to recognize and reward them by letting them participate in other team discussions which interest them, without affecting their current work. They will work harder to complete their current assignments and look forward to being assigned more interesting ones involving their other skills.

Give them space

When the organization starts respecting the time and productivity of the employees, they also start respecting the company’s policies. It is important to give your employees some space to think and act instead of restricting them with strict rules. This is particularly essential in places where creative minds work as creativity flourishes when the employees feel free and happy in a positive working environment. Your employees are well past their school and college days and will only rebel more as the organization tries to fall heavy on them.This does not mean that the organization has to do away with all the rules and regulations. Be one among the employees and understand the issues they are facing. This will help you formulate friendly rules that any employee will be happy to abide by.

Give them space

HR policies that recognize and considers the employee requirements greatly

This is very important when it comes to employee retention. In most of the organizations, the employee policies are one-sided and quite rigid. Old organizations are reluctant to adopt newer concepts which result in unhappy employees who are young and have great talents yet to be tapped. Change is inevitable and hence, all organizations must adopt more employee-friendly rules and regulations that encourage them to work harder for their employer. A couple of changes that many people would prefer are flexihours in the office, work from the home option at least a couple of times a month, lenient leave policies and pay which is at par with the industry standards.

If your organization keeps in mind at least these 5 points, you will be able to keep your employees happy, reduce retention, and also to improve productivity.