Manga is a form of Japanese comic that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world but is still recognized as a niche form of entertainment. Because of its obscurity, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a manga fan, and even more difficult to think of one in the first place. Don’t spend days agonizing over what to buy, check out these five great gift ideas for manga fans. 


If there is one thing that manga fans really love, it’s dressing up as their favorite characters in an activity called cosplay: a combination of the words costume and play. Find out which character your friend or family member is planning to cosplay and contribute towards it by buying items such as a wig, makeup or even the actual costume. Some cosplayers prefer to make their costumes rather than buy them, so if this is the case, give them the gift of material and supplies so that they can make the cosplay of their dreams!

Handmade Items

One of the hardest things for a manga lover to find is merchandise, due to the lack of mainstream popularity surrounding manga and anime. However, DIY is a simple and effective solution to this issue! If you’re experienced and confident in arts and crafts, you could make their favorite character out of clay or simply draw them. If you want more practical items, look online at Etsy or other online shops that boast handmade items to find amazing, homemade manga themed gifts such as bags, jewelry, phone cases and much more.


Manga is full of unique characters with amazingly detailed and visually pleasing designs, and every fan is bound to have a favorite. One of the best gifts that you can give a manga lover is a detailed figurine of their favorite character, or even multiple characters from their favorite manga to begin a collection. There are all sorts of figurines to choose from; ranging from extremely detailed figurines to smaller and cuter versions of characters, such as Nendoroids. There is a variety of Nendoroids for sale online, so you can be sure to find the exact character and the perfect gift for a manga fan.

Convention Tickets

Manga and its TV counterpart anime are becoming so huge that there are large and very popular conventions surrounding these shows and comics that every manga fan would love to go to. Conventions are a great place for them to feel as though they are part of a community. It lets people share their favorite hobby and even make friends with hundreds of others who share the same interests. As well as this, conventions often host famous faces within the manga and anime community, such as famous voice actors, illustrators, and cosplayers that every manga fan would love to meet. Grab them a ticket to a convention near them to give them not only a great gift but memories that will last a lifetime. 

Limited Edition Manga Collections

A hardcore manga fan will most likely already own every volume of their favorite comic, but did you know that there are often special and limited editions of these comics that every fan will be dying to get their hands on? These special and limited editions come in all different forms, ranging from full-color versions to illustration guides that detail every single design step and decision, and even character information books that allow the reader to learn everything they wish to know about their favorite characters. These editions can be difficult to find and are often quite pricey, so getting your hands on one might be a little difficult. However, it will result in a gift like no other!

We all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, but when their interests are quite obscure and relatively unknown such as manga, this can be a little difficult. Make sure that you try some of these options to find the perfect gift for a manga fan.