The process of building your own computer can be very time consuming. However, there is no greater satisfaction in knowing that the thing that you built with your own hands with turns into something very useful.

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Assembling Your Own PC vs Buying A Built One

There are both benefits and disadvantages of assembling your own desktop. First, as stated above, it can take up a lot of your time. You have to buy each and every part on your own. Secondly, you have to get down and get dirty. This means that you have to personally connect the parts.

Compared to buying an already built computer, all you have to do is check the parts, try if everything works, install software, and pay for it. However, you have to shell out more money when buying a prebuilt computer compared to building your own computer.

For a novice, assembling a desktop PC can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are also experts who not only can give advice, but they’ll actually help you build a computer based on your own preferences and any chosen parts.

To top that off, there are cheap prebuilt gaming computers that you can get these days. Aiming for the best prebuilt gaming PC under $500 already gives you more than enough options to get a desktop PC that you can right away use. This is perfect for novice and those who have little to no time to spare to go down and get dirty.

Building a PC is cheaper and will enable you to customize the desktop to suit your need. If you want a simple desktop for work only, you can choose to buy low-end video graphics cards (GPU) and other hardware. But if you want your PC to be the best gaming PC you ever had, you can also buy high-end ones.

Tools as Gift Ideas for PC Modders

If you decide to build your own computer or if you have a friend who loves building and maintaining their computer on their own, they will need some tools to help them complete this project. Here are five gift ideas that you can give them.

1. Magnetic Screwdriver and Secondary Tools

Magnetic screwdriver is your “lightsaber” when building your own computer. A high-quality and versatile screwdriver can save you time and keep you from feeling frustrated. Feeling frustrated while building your PC can be very dangerous because a frustrated PC builder will cut corners and make mistakes which will ruin the PC setup.

Buy a ratcheting screwdriver that has removable bits. This can supplement your screwdriver with tinier tools to help you get into narrow spaces.

2. Screws

It is inevitable that during building or upgrading your desktop, you will lose a few screws. Be ready for this and have plenty of spare screws and standoffs handy. Remember to organize the screws properly though because using screws that are too big can hurt or short circuit your motherboard.

3. Headlamp

Half the job of a PC surgery is to see clearly. As computer cases are cavernous, the lighting above is usually occluded by your hands. Make sure you see clearly where you are poking inside the PC case with the help of a headlamp.

Headlamps are a cheap but worthy investment. They can illuminate your way in screwing bolts and connecting wires inside the PC cases. Select an LED headlamp which you can buy at Amazon or your neighborhood hardware store.

4. Cable Ties

Proper cable management is not just for aesthetic. Aside from making the outside of your desk tidier, a clean cable management inside the PC can improve the airflow. When a PC has a poor cable management, it can turn the inside of the case hot and can cause hardware to malfunction.

Use hook-and-loop ties to organize the wires inside your PC. Try having colored ties for easy identification of which wire belongs to what (i.e., red for audio; blue for video).

5. Dust Management

The components of your computer are very sensitive to dust. To clean the inside of your PC, you have to get proper dust management tools. Avoid buying the disposable compressed air because they are expensive and will eventually run out. Buy an electric duster to help clean the dust from your PC. Remember not to use a vacuum cleaner because it will invite static electricity which can damage your PC components.

Cleaning brushes will also help. There are places that air cleaning can’t reach. Brushes are also useful in cleaning your computer peripherals, such as your VR headset and optic mouse.

Make Your PC Friends Happy

Building your own PC can be a great way to know more about it. It can also save you money in setting up the computer that can suit your needs. However, if you feel like you don’t have the time or the skills to manually set up a computer, you can still build your own computer through the help of a computer shop. There are shops that allow you to customize and change the case and specs of a computer.

In the meantime, consider getting any of the suggested five tools to give to one of your friends who are into building their own PC. They’ll have an even greater time working on a computer using any of these gift ideas.