Thanks to increasing Global warming that the day is not far when we will have a temperature over 50 degrees Celsius. The temperature is increasing day by day and it is becoming unbearable. There are few gadgets which you must buy this summer. These gadgets will help you to fight against the scorching heat.

1. Cooler Air Conditioner

Cooler Air Conditioner

Carrying an actual AC is not possible but, you can carry this high-performance USB 2.0 refrigeration cooler fan. This marvelous piece of technology can save you from the heat without any problem. It is small in size but, works perfectly fine. It features a bladeless design thus making the gadget safe for kids. The wind cooling function allows the device to work without any noise. It can be powered by a USB or by a battery and is an ideal small cooler for working and travelling. It is only 0.154kg in weight and can be brought online too.

2. Laptop Cooling Pad


One of the biggest issues in summer is heating of laptops. Just keep your laptop on for few minutes and it starts heating tremendously. The problem becomes worse when you have to use your laptop on your lap as it makes you uncomfortable. The solution for this problem is a laptop cooling pad. Cooling pads come in various shapes and designs. They are powered by a USB jack so you don’t need to worry about batteries and all. Try to opt for a less noisy cooling pad.

3. Fitness Tracker


Most of us avoid doing exercise in summers. The blazing heat and busy work schedule are the major reasons for this. So, a fitness tracker or a fitness band is a must in these summers. A fitness band tracks all the activities done by you and helps you in getting fit and healthy. You can also calculate a rough idea about the intake of calories and a number of calories you burn in a day.

4. USB Fan


Just imagine you are travelling in a bus and you can get your own fan by simply putting a wire in your mobile phone USB port. A USB fan is a gadget that works with all types of USB and acts as a portable fan. It is a kind of plug and play gadget which does not need any kind of external power supply. It comes with durable and soft fan blades so that you remain free from any accidental injuries. Many USB fans come with LED light to make it more amazing and beautiful. These types of fan are super compact in size and are lightweight, thus they can act as a perfect travel companion.

5. LED Flashlight


Electricity can become a big problem in summers. An LED flashlight is a type of gadget which can be used in any type of weather but, it can help you a lot in summers at the time of power failure. If you are planning to buy an LED flashlight or any type of gadget Gearbest is the best place for it. The website offers great deals and discounts too. The mode of payment is PayPal and Norton verified so, you don’t need to worry about scams and frauds. The site also offers a wide range of laptop accessories; click here for more laptop accessories to look out for. The site also offers free shipping on all products.

Technology can help you a lot in all kind of situations and even in summers. There are many other gadgets which can act as your savior and can cool you down. Let us know which gadget you use to fight this heat and why?