A retail store is one of the best business ideas you can ever have. No matter how quickly online shopping era is growing, there are still people who prefer going to the store and purchasing things. After all, you will rush to a retail store when you need something urgently, right? Despite the demand, retail stores need to update themselves according to the current scenario. In other words, you should have some reasons why customers should come back to your store, one visit after another. To make your retail store consumer-friendly as well as profitable, you can bring in a few elements. In this article, we’ve created a list of the top 5 essentials any retail store should have.

#1 Baskets and Shopping Cart

This is surely the essential element for setting up a retail store. We hope you will be opening a store that has multitude of services and products to offer. In that case, you cannot expect your customers to carry all their items in their hand. That is why you should have sufficient amount of shopping carts or baskets in your store. The choice between shopping carts and baskets depends upon the size of your store. If available products do have a certain threshold of size and dimensions, you can go for baskets. Anyway, if you have anything big in the store, keep a few shopping carts ready. It goes without saying that your store should offer sufficient amount of space for moving the carts and baskets.

#2 Discounts and Offers

In the old days, these weren’t necessary, because there wasn’t much of a competition. However, today, you need to compete with the many online shopping platforms out there. So, in order to attract more customers, you can start offering some discounts and special offers. They will help you get a better pitch at the time of starting. Even after establishing the name, you can keep running the promotions for the sake of rebounding customers. It’s even better if you can create a customer loyalty club. It’s an easy task nowadays, thanks to a bunch of useful tech. You can even offer action-based rewards using these apps. Even if you cannot set up a club, a bunch of promotional offers would do the job.

#3 An Effective Payment System

Gone are days when you had to use the standalone POS Machine. Obviously, they are still good and offer a bunch of awesome features. Now, there are fully-fledged POS Systems that you can check out. Depending on the size of your retail store, you can go for a Clover POS System. For instance, there are options for setting up a POS System that can take care of your payments as well as inventory and reports. It works as a unified platform for managing your store rather than just accepting the payments. With the best merchant services at your hand, it becomes an effective growing point for every retail store out there. Now that people have different ways to pay for stuff, it’s a necessity too.

#4 Security System

You should always trust your customers, but that doesn’t rescue you from the troubles of fraudsters in the world. To make things smooth and clear, you should install an effective security system in your store. At the least, there should be CCTV Surveillance to have a proof for everything that’s happening. Let that be theft or robbery, you will have something to back your words and claims. Another point about the security system is its in-built alarm options. You can trigger certain alarms depending on particular actions. This option will be helping you in case of emergencies.

#5 The Right Marketing

Last but surely not the least, your retail store requires marketing. As we said earlier, the competition is way too high. Even though you might have a security system and payment gateways, they are useless if customers don’t hit your store. So, once you have made your pitch, you can run some simple sets of marketing campaigns for the retail store. It can be offline, online or hybrid, according to the type of users you are expecting into the store. At any case, this is an essential and this marketing effort is going to pay you back sometime sooner. Along with these, you can also check out merchant services that can take care of customer support, invoicing, price protection etc. Quality customer service and management are essential for growth of your business.

Well, you should ensure the presence of the above mentioned essentials in every retail store, if you’d like them to be successful. You can’t even think about starting a store if you cannot set up an effective POS System and Marketing. We hope our tips will help you to establish the presence of your store and attract a lot of consumers.