Growing companies constantly update their tools, strategies and methods to keep up with the latest industry trends. One of the most advantageous shifts for companies to make entails establishing a modern digital workplace. Online workplaces allow employees to collaborate with one another easily. They also offer teams advanced tools for increasing productivity, by increasing access, communication and goal tracking. As a small business owner, you need to make this shift in order to reach the enterprise level. Learn how to build an effective, advanced platform with the latest tools. Read this post about the best emerging digital workplace technologies for small business.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the most advantageous digital workplace technologies is the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This emerging tool allows employees to access documents on their work desktops from other devices. Your workers can easily bring their work home with them by using a virtual desktop infrastructure. They can work from home when they are not feeling well or when bad weather prevents them from driving to the office. Employees no longer need to worry about getting work done during business trips either. Assure that your workers use reliable security systems on their personal devices. That way, they can access information from their work desktops without putting company data at risk. Keep this modern digital workplace technology in mind to advance your small business.

Modern Intranets

Although many companies no longer use intranets, the modern intranet offers numerous advantages for building digital workplaces. Unlike traditional intranets, modern solutions focus on user-friendliness. They offer companies numerous options for sharing business documents across teams. The top modern intranets even allow you to integrate the latest enterprise applications easily. “Digital workplace” is often used within the intranet definition because they are web-connected sites used for internal communication. An intranet’s main function entails improving productivity for teams. The same can be said for the digital workplace. Thus, including this emerging technology in your digital workplace will only improve your small business operations. 

AI-Powered Chatbots

Moreover, AI-powered chatbots currently empower businesses. These emerging digital workplace technologies enable companies to complete mundane tasks fast. Use AI-powered chatbots for onboarding purposes. Companies also use them to solve support outages within teams. Unlike human workers, chatbots offer assistance to multiple team members at once. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots respond in human-like ways. Your employees will never feel like they are aimlessly conversing with robots. The latest chatbots carry out conversations just as a human would. They provide answers in various ways. This feature allows chatbots to assist workers regardless of their preferred learning methods. Accelerate processes with these emerging digital workplace technologies for small business. 

Cloud Technologies

The cloud also continues to transform companies’ digital workplaces. Cloud-based storage solutions allow businesses to keep their documents safe and accessible. These technologies enhance collaboration in the workplace. Your sales department and marketing department can work together on projects easily with these solutions. A sales representative can add insights to a marketing document that they have access to. Marketing professionals on the other side of the building can watch that sales rep upload insights in real-time. Then, your marketing team can make changes to their strategies quickly. These emerging digital workplace technologies enable small businesses to boost productivity levels significantly.

Group Messaging Systems

Furthermore, small businesses advance with group messaging systems. These emerging digital workplace technologies increase productivity in the workplace as well. Group messaging systems come in numerous forms. One of the most commonly-used forms in today’s workforce is instant messaging. Companies use secure instant messaging platforms to communicate with their teams from various locations. Another type of group messaging system allows teams to communicate via video. You can hold video meetings with remote workers, other business owners and clients from all over the world. These technologies greatly benefit small businesses trying to improve their digital workplaces. 

Small business owners build digital workplaces to improve productivity, engagement and overall functionality within their teams. Invest in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technologies to ensure that your digital workplace meets expectations. The best digital workplaces also include modern corporate infrastructures that offer employees a variety of collaboration tools. Use advanced artificial intelligence powered chatbots to answer employees’ questions during projects. The cloud continues to improve digital workplaces through secure storage solutions that promote teamwork. Finally, use group messaging systems such as instant messaging solutions and video meeting software. These systems allow remote workers and in-office teams to communicate effectively. Take your company to the next level with these emerging digital workplace technologies for small business.