If you love your job you’re a very lucky person, but you’re in the minority. Most people work to live as opposed to living to work, and they wish that there was an easier way to make ends meet without turning up to the office every day. You might even be one of those people, and if you are, we have good news. There are plenty of other ways you could be making money, and you don’t have to keep pushing yourself to do a job that you don’t enjoy from now until the day you retire. 

We’re now in the third decade of the 21st century, and the world of business has changed beyond all recognition since the end of the 1990s. We now live in an always-on, interconnected world of business, where the internet is increasingly the place where consumers go shopping and spend money. As you may have heard elsewhere, Uber is the world’s biggest taxi company but doesn’t own or operate any taxis. Facebook has become the biggest media organization in the world but barely publishes any content, and doesn’t broadcast any news. E-commerce has changed the world of business forever, and there’s no reason why you can’t get involved in it. 

The internet is a wide-ranging and far-reaching tool, and there are a thousand ways you could make money through it with a new e-commerce business, but here are five ideas that work well in the 2020 marketplace. 

Second-Hand Clothes

People always turn their noses up at the idea of retailing second-hand goods until they remember that eBay effectively started out as a giant internet-based thrift store, and is now one of the most lucrative websites in the world. Of all the goods you could potentially sell second hand, clothes are the easiest to find and the easiest to make money on. The market for second-hand clothes has grown exponentially in recent years and isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, with a global recession seeming to be on the horizon, second-hand clothes might soon be in more demand than ever. Stock up at thrift stores and charity shops, identify what’s desirable and collectible, and sell your goods on accordingly. 


Something has changed when it comes to the availability of toys for children. Kids still play with toys when they’re growing up, but you rarely see a toy shop on the high street. That’s because the retail of toys for children has moved online. You don’t need to own any toys to start selling them – you can start by becoming a franchisee for a more established toy retailer. Think about the bigger picture as well. You don’t have to market directly to children purely because you’re selling toys. You could appeal to the nostalgia market as well, supplying 20th-century toys to adults who grew up playing with them and want to regain possession of the toys their parents threw out twenty years ago or more. 

Online Slots

Remember what we just said about being a franchisee for toy retailers? The same model applies to running an online slots website. Hundreds of online slots websites have materialized online in the past five years, and most of them are run as white-label franchise models supplied by larger networks or platforms. Those platforms are always looking for more members, and all you need to do is drive traffic towards your own site and the Online Slots UK that exist on it. You’ll probably need to know a thing or two about content marketing, but once you’ve picked that knowledge up and you’re confident that you know how to attract clicks and website visits, you’ll find that the online slots industry could provide you with a significant passive income as part of an industry that generates billions of dollars per year. 

Webinars And Training

You can make money from selling webinars, training, and education courses even if you never conduct such a course yourself. All over the internet, you’ll find people with specialized skills and the ability to teach those skills, but they struggle to attract significant levels of customers through their own website. You could market them through your website and take a cut of the fees generated through the bookings you obtain for them. This is as easy as identifying potential candidates, approaching them to agree to a deal, and listing their services on your site. There’s no upper limit to the range of topics you can offer training on so long as you can find people to provide it. Insurance comparison websites started by approaching insurance companies individually, and your training website could start the same way. 

Selling eBooks

We know what you’re thinking. People can already sell eBooks through Amazon and self-publish them the same way. You’re right, they can – but so many people choose to do so that their releases get lost among all the noise. Amazon doesn’t specialize in retailing eBooks, but you could. This idea would work in a similar way to the webinars and training idea; you need to identify up-and-coming authors, approach them with a view to selling their books through your site, and then publishing and selling their content online while taking a cut of the proceeds of each sale. You could even partner with a printing company to produce hard copies of the books if you so desired, and that might make you more appealing to aspiring authors. Your success would depend on the quality of the authors you work with, but that’s down to you to find them!

None of the ideas we’ve suggested in this article require you to have any goods or skills at all in the early phases. You might want to acquire or develop some skills as you go along – with web content and SEO marketing being essential – but you might be surprised by how quickly and naturally those skills develop as you go along. It won’t be easy to get an e-commerce business off the ground, but putting some hard work in now to get things going surely sounds like a better idea than spending the next few decades of your life doing a job you don’t believe in? Nothing will change unless you make it happen, so why not give yourself a chance?