The crime in this era is growing unabated with each passing day and so is the risk of losing valuables. For ages, we have been using electric alarms for the protection of our homes and essentials. Nonetheless, with the technological advancements and strides, commonly-used electric alarms have gotten upstaged by advanced home security systems. If you’re looking to purchase an effective home security system for yourself, you’ve got to pay attention to these most preferred home security systems.

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1. Monitored Alarm System

Organizations like ADT and LifeShield offer monitored alarm systems. These alarm systems acts as an enhanced version of local alarm systems, since they possess a connection to a monitoring service besides an alarm. In case, your alarm gets tripped, a professional is available for assistance 24/7 throughout the year.

If an intrusion is identified, an agent calls you to identify, if it’s just a false alarm or a real break-in. In case it’s a real break-in, the authorities are alerted right away on your behalf, so the police can arrive in minutes. Other things like fires and carbon monoxide are also monitored to maintain the safety of your family. For more such home security tips you can click here.

2. Smoke Alarm System

A smoke alarm system is a renowned security device that guards you against fire and smoke in the house. The system consists of a series of wireless or hardwired smoke detectors as well as strobe lights. If you wish, you can strengthen your fire protection by installing a full-fledged fire alarm system that contains a heat detector, an in-home sprinkler system, and a smoke detector.

3. Burglar Alarm System

The burglar alarm is perhaps the most central feature in a home security alarm system. A burglar alarm system incorporates window, motion detectors, and door sensors. If these detectors or sensors are tripped, a signal is led to a primary control panel, which sets off a loud alarm and notifies the police that there has been a rupture in your premises.

These alarm systems are monitored by a centrally located keypad. They also comprise security signs, which attach to doors and windows in order to warn off all possible intruders. Furthermore, a person may receive a discount on his/ her owners insurance on installing a burglar alarm system. You can check out the best home alarm systems available today by reading this guide from HotRate.

4. Medical Alarm System

A medical alarm system renders an emergency button on the keypad of your home security alarm system. The button alerts your security organization that help is required. For those who have elderly parents and want to know that they are being monitored, this is a superb system to reckon.

5. Critical Alarm System

Critical alarm systems are the ones that protect you against leaks, even the ones that are usually undetected. This lets you avoid high property damage. In addition, these alarm systems can monitor your plumbing and heating, while you aren’t at your home. Even, if a pipe bursts, these systems notify your security organizations.

Opt for these security systems and feel safe all day and all night.