Opening up a retail online store like Ashlynn Avenue and hitting bull’s-eye at the first trymight sound like an impossible thing to do, but it requires a lot of homework, most of which involves how the design of your store would be like. Once you start working on it, your sanity might face a challenge but our advice would be to not get tempted easily.

In the following tips, you will possibly note why your old ideas of design backfired and how to fit new ones well.

Don’t overdo the design

Visualize your website in mind and try to keep it simple and clean. Too much information at one page could distract customers. Ease it up by creating a visual environment that aids in promoting the product. Encourage shoppers to buy through conversions too. Create calls-to-action for the utmost convenience of your customers. CTAs must be bold, clear and available at all times. Mostly try not making the path of discovering the product line too difficult.

Stop customers from getting lost


Some online stores tend to put too many links inside one page. This makes your customer lose track of where they are and how to catch up on something that caught their eye previously. Treat navigations as field map for your website. It must provide a clear gateway to different parts of your site, demanding less time from customers to search for what they actually want. Clear page names and individual links are a good way to make the products easy to find.

Play with visual contents

Bright, colorful and high-quality visual contents are never a miss at capturing customers’ attention. Since customers cannot touch or see the product in person, it is your duty to make productslook as much detailed as possible virtually. Shoot videos of products as well. This might be time consuming and expensive but it is sure to serve you well. Focus on the product’s uses and what people would really miss if they don’t buy it. Keep your contents clear and know what your customer needs.


On the other hand, according to various studies, 90 seconds of viewing are somewhat enough for a person to make judgments about a commodity. Use a strong color to position your product in a positive way. For example, Women customers are more likely to prefer a maroon pashmina over a typical orange colored one. Try using a color psychology guide in this case for further help.

Become mobile friendly

Life is getting busier than ever. Starting from teenagers to grown-up adults – everyone likes to get their job done as fast and easily as they can. Thus, mobile shopping becomes a strong contender. Online customers spend more than 60% of their time through mobile devices on the internet. Hence, don’t make your website too slow to load on a phone because people tend to move on to some other site. The loss here is only yours.


Designing an ecommerce site could take a lot out of you. But it is all worth the hard work when results are positive. Specifications about the site, nice-looking content, compatibility with gadgets, navigation and finally closing the order for product are inevitable in online store designs. A good design cannot only ensure greater sale and publicity for the site but also it is fun to experience greater revenues. Try using them in your website buildup strategies.